Powder Coated Cast Iron 5 Level Cat Cage Hammerspray


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If you own a cat or a kitten, chances are that it is always a great joy playing with them. Most of the time cats will find a place in your home that feels safe to them. However, there are some cats that scratch furniture and other items in the home and never really find a safe place to play. The 5 level cat cage is the perfect place for your kitten to play safely.

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Large Play Area

The 5 level cat cage is easy to move throughout your home. It is extremely lightweight and can even be used outdoors. This will provide your cat with a safe place outside where they can enjoy the weather and the natural enticements of the environment and you can rest assured that they are safe and not being attacked by any other animals.

The five level cage has different places for your cat to climb on and perch. This provides them with plenty of room to comfortably move about. The doors lock using a pin latch system, which is extremely secure. Your cat will remain locked up inside until you decide it is time for him to get out.

Color: Hammerspray

Size: 93 x 75 x 180cm

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Powder Coated Cast Iron 5 Level Cat Cage Hammerspray

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Powder Coated Cast Iron 5 Level Cat Cage Hammerspray

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