Powder Coated Cast Iron 3 Level Cat Cage Hammerspray


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Owning a kitten or cat can be a very enjoyable experience. One of the nice things about cats is that they will typically find a place in your home to safely play and sleep. However, in some cases you may need to have a safe place for your cat to be while you are not at home. The Three-Level Cat Cage is a great choice as it will provide your cat with a safe place to play while keeping your home safe from their antics.

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The Level Cat Cage is silver/hammerspray in color and comes on wheels, which makes it easy to move throughout your home. The cage has levels so that your cat can climb up and down and get all of his/her energy out all in a safe environment. The cage has a door which locks using a pinlock latch system, so you know your cat will remain in the cage until it is safe for him to come out. There are also easy-to-use side clips which will allow you to easily remove the cat litter box or clean the cage. Sturdy and safe, this is the perfect place for your cat to play and nap when you need.

Color: Hammerspray

Size: 94 x 58 x 140 cm

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Powder Coated Cast Iron 3 Level Cat Cage Hammerspray

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Powder Coated Cast Iron 3 Level Cat Cage Hammerspray

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