Sweety Pet Travel Carrier Blue Medium


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There are times when you are going to need to travel with your pet. When this happens it is important to have the right pet travel carrier for your furry companion. You need to make sure that the carrier that you choose has a proper support structure in order to keep your pet protected throughout your travels. In addition, it will need to be the right size so your animal is comfortable on the journey.

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Sturdy Design for Travel

The B2K pet travel carrier in blue is a great choice for those who travel with their smaller pets on a regular basis. The pet carrier measures 54 cm by 35 cm by 34 cm, which makes it the perfect size for all of your small to medium sized pets.

The closures will fasten securely to make sure that your pet stays in place during the entire length of your trip. The front is open so that you can always make eye contact with your friend. This is important so that your pet feels safe while he is riding along.

Made out of a durable plastic, the B2K pet travel carrier in blue will provide your pet with a safe place while in your vehicle.

Size - 54 x 35 x 34cm

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Sweety Pet Travel Carrier Blue Medium

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Sweety Pet Travel Carrier Blue Medium

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