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Arm & Hammer Extra large Floor Protection Dog Pads 36ct


Item discontinued until further notice

Ultra absorbent dog pads

Extra large pads are 30% bigger

Three layer technology with Thinsob Core

Tear resistant with leak proof protection

Absorbs odour with Arm & Hammer Baking Soda

Protects floors and carpets

Able to withstand digging and scratching
The Extra Large Floor Protection Dog Pads are 30% bigger and can protect your home from unwanted messiness.

These leak proof lining pads also help to protect floors and carpets.

Not only are they super absorbent, they are also tear resistant and easy to use.

These dog pads can also block odours with a scented surface Ffrom Arm & Hammer Baking Soda.

Size: XL, 36 count

Three Layer Technology
(1) Tear resistant top sheet withstands digging, scratching and chewing.
(2) Exclusive Thinsob Core is made of ultra absorbent polymers that draws urine in and lock away wetness and odours. The absorbent polymers provide peak performance in an ultra thin design.
(3) Leak resistant liner provides an additional moisture barrier to provide superior floor protection.

Many Uses
(1) Protecting floor around cat litter pan
(2) Lining dog crates and carriers
(3) Big messes and spills
(4) Incontinent dogs
(5) Indoor relief on cold or rainy days
(6) Long car trips

(1) Select a suitable area away from dog's food and bed.
(2) Unfold and place pad on the floor with plastic side down and white absorbent side up.
(3) Place your dog on the pad and allow him to smell the scientifically treated pad.
(4) Allow your dog to relieve itself and positively reinforce his positive behaviour. Discourage him from chewing or playing on the pad.
(5) If your dog relieves itself elsewhere, bring him back to the pad to reinforce the behaviour. Repeat until trained.
(6) Dispose of soiled pads in the garbage at least daily and replace as necessary.

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Arm & Hammer Extra large Floor Protection Dog Pads 36ct - Kohepets

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Arm & Hammer Extra large Floor Protection Dog Pads 36ct

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