Andis Ultraedge Blade System Size T84

By Andis


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Andis Ultraedge Blade System Size T84

Item Number: 21641
Size: T84
Leaves Hair Inch: 3/32 "
Leaves Hair mm: 2.4 mm
Blade Description: Chrome plated, carbon-edged blade set for Andis detachable blade clippers. This blade set is 1-1/2 times wider then other blades and cuts more hair faster. Can also be used with other brands of detachable type clippers.

MBG-2 20910
MBG2 20995
MBG-2 21420
AG 21465
MBG2 21485
MBG2 21490
MGX 21495
AG 21730
AG2 22215
AG2 22235
BGC 22310

One Clipper Many Blades
The benefit of owning a detachable blade
clipper is that many optional blades
fit one clipper.

* Adds Carbon to Cutting Edge
* Creates Blades that Stay Sharper, Longer
* Resists Rust
* Keeps Blades at Optimum Performance

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