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Unscented clumping clay litter.

Features dust suppression technology.

Ideal for cats & owners with sensitive noses.

Clumps quickly and tightly.

Easy to scoop and throw away!

Non-toxic , Grape scented

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America Litter Dust Free Clumping Cat Litter is specially designed to help avoid respiratory issues from developing, making it ideal for cats & humans with sensitive noses.

Featuring a unique dust suppression technology, America Litter Dust Free Clumping Cat Litter is ideal for both cats and people with respiratory issues & dust allergies.

America Litter Dust Free Clumping Cat Litter does not have any plant proteins (such as pine) or overwhelming deodorants. Lightly scented with a sweet grape scent

Not only is America Litter Dust Free Clumping Cat Litter fast & tight-clumping, it also produces minimal dust when poured or scooped out, making it easy to scoop & dispose of!

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10L (7kg, 15.5lb).

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Excellent litter

I am very satisfied as it keeps its promises... good quality litter