All For Paws Xtra-R Durable O-Void Dog Toy


Measures L10.0 x W8.2 x H8.2 cm

Ideal for larger dogs

Great for persistent and aggressive chewers

Super resistant rubber chew toy

High durability and easy to clean

Can put peanut butter on the toy

Great for tossing and playing fetch too
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Have your dog play rubgy with the O-Void Durable Dog Toy! Don't get tackled!

All For Paws Xtra-R is a range of super resistant rubber chew toys made for the persistent chewers at home.

The Durable O-Void Dog Toy is great for keeping your dog occupied for hours.

This toy allows you to smear peanut butter on it and your dog will spend hours licking and eating the peanut butter from the cracks on the side of the toy.

Strong and durable, the Durable O-Void is also good for tossing and playing fetch due to its oval, rubgy-ball shape.

Ideal for large breeds, this toy will provide tons of fun and satisfaction for your dog who has a urge to chew and bite.

Product Dimensions: L10.0 x W8.2 x H8.2 cm

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