All For Paws Sparkle Dental Brush Frog with Toothpaste


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Dental brush shaped as a frog chew toy

Effectively cleans teeth and removes tartar

Strong cleaning power, able to access hard to reach areas

Two types of brushes - TPR brush and toothbrush bristle

Great for dogs that resist brushing and toothbrushes

Includes 60g peanut butter toothpaste

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Dental care is important for all dogs but sometimes it's really hard to get that toothbrush onto your dog's teeth when he strongly resists against brushing.

Dental care for your pup will no longer be a hassle when you have All For Paws Sparkle Dental Brush Frog!

All For Paws features a range of dental care products under the Sparkle series, guaranteed to help keep your dog's teeth clean and groomed.

The Dental Brush Frog allows you to clean your dog's teeth without actually doing it.

Simply spread some peanut butter flavoured toothpaste onto the brush frog and let your dog play with the toy.

The Dental Brush Frog has two kinds of brushes - the toothbrush-like bristles to clean hard to reach areas and the soft plastic brushes that helps to remove tartar.

Nicely shaped as a frog toy, your dog would not suspect that it's actually a toothbrushing device in disguise!

Keep your dog's teeth clean and him happy with the All For Paws Sparkle Dental Brush Frog.

* Comes with one 60g peanut butter toothpaste.

Product Dimensions: L16.0 x W9.0 x H5.0 cm (dental brush frog)

(1) Apply peanut butter toothpaste evenly onto Dental Brush Frog.
(2) Give Dental Brush Frog to dog and let him play with it.
(3) Chewing action activates the two types of brushes to clean teeth and remove tartar, even in areas hard to access.
(4) Repeat process 2-3 times a week to increase the cleaning effect of the brushes.

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All For Paws Sparkle Dental Brush Frog with Toothpaste

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All For Paws Sparkle Dental Brush Frog with Toothpaste

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