All For Paws Shabby Chic Dainty Doll Elephant Dog Toy


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Measures L28.0 x W22.0 x H8.0 cm

Soft and plushy

Great for hugging, carrying around and chewing

Knotted arms and legs enhance chewing

With squeaker inside

Made with durable materials and pleasing colours

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All For Paws Shabby Chic is designed to give your dog a cute plush toy in pleasing colours and soft materials.

The Dainty Doll Elephant is your dog's new best friend.

Soft and plushy, he can hug the toy, carry it around and even chew it too.

The Dainty Doll Elephant has knotted arms and legs that will enhance the chewing pleasure.

A squeaker inside keeps your dog's curiosity to sound at bay and have him busy playing with the toy.

The materials and colours were specially chosen for creating a toy that is attractive and durable.

Product Dimensions: L28.0 x W22.0 x H8.0 cm