Aixia Kuro-Can Tuna Mix Tuna & Bonito with Whitebait and Tuna White Meat Canned Cat Food 160g


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Tuna and bonito with whitebait topped with tuna white meat

Rich in vitamins and minerals including taurine

High in DHA and bioavailable iron

Boiled to secure natural goodness and nutrients

Flavourful and tasty

Ideal for pregnant cats and weak cats too

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Aixia Kuro-Can Tuna Mix provides a complete diet with its combination of different fish meats.

This combination of Tuna (maguro) and Bonito (Katsuo) dark meat are high in DHA and bioavailable iron.

Dark Meats are also rich in vitamins and minerals, including Taurine, to support good overall health.

This meal is added with Whitebait (shirasu) and topped with Tuna White Meat that adds a delicious flavour that cats will love.

The Kuro-Can Tuna Mix is boiled, to secure all the goodness and nutrients.

This meal is also ideal for pregnant cats & those which are weak too.

Fish (Tuna, Bonito, Shirasu), Lactosucrose, Minerals, Vitamins