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Add Mate 3-Way Cat Hammock


Item discontinued until further notice

Suitable for 2-cat households

Can be set into 3 different styles to complement your decor or space

Comes with reversible sleeping mats

Anti-slip tabs at the base prevents sliding

Made with natural wood
Add Mate 3-Way Cat Hammock is versatile, stylish and suitable for one- and two-cat households!

The Cat Hammock is a gorgeous wood-based, stylish hammock for your feline companions.

This hammock allows you to rotate and set it in 3 different ways*, to suit your house decor and space.

It also comes with reversible sleeping mats and anti-slip tabs on the base of the hammock.

Suitable for up to two cats to enjoy, this hammock is sure to delight.

*Step style, Spacious style and Neat style.

Product Materials:
Natural Wood (hammock base), EVA (anti-slip tabs), Cotton and Polyester (sleeping mats).

Product Dimensions:
Step style: H49.0 x W35.0 x L65.0 cm
Spacious style: H35.0 x W35.0 x L79.0 cm
Neat style: H49.0 x W35.0 x L35.0 cm

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Add Mate 3-Way Cat Hammock - Kohepets

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Add Mate 3-Way Cat Hammock

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