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Special Promotion: Get a bag of Absolute Bites Treats (Large) (RRP $35.90) and receive a FREE Absolute Bites Variety Pack (Large) (RRP $19.90) with a surprise gift! Limited to the first 20 customers.

Surprise box packed with Absolute Bites Dog Treats.

Includes one large treat bag, one large variety pack & a surprise gift.

High protein, grain-free treats made with 100% natural ingredients.

Flavours will be randomly given.

No return and exchange allowed.

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This holiday, stuff your furry friend’s stocking with Absolute Bites Surprise Box and you can feel good knowing that they are made with absolutely no nasties inside. Your pet’s health and wellness is our utmost priority which is why every ingredient is carefully sourced from trusted farmers.

We believe in providing products that are fresh and healthy while being environmentally conscious where each pack contains ingredients fresh from the source. No fuss and no frills, Absolute Bites provides straight forward wholesome goodness for your pets. Your furry friends deserve only the very best when it comes to nutrition and with Absolute Bites, it is exactly that.

Every Surprise Box contains:

1 x Absolute Bites Treats (Large Bag) worth $35.90
1 x Absolute Bites Variety Pack (Large Bag - Christmas Edition) worth $19.90
1 x Surprise Gift

Note: Flavours within the box are allocated randomly. NO CHICKEN in the selection. Protein may contain Duck, Kangaroo, Beef, Lamb, Pork, Sweet Potato, Turkey, Venison, Fish or Seafood. Strictly no return & exchange as this is a seasonal treat.

Each Absolute Bites Variety Pack contains 4 limited edition travel packs (assorted) from the following selection:

  • Alaskan Red Cod (Freeze Dried)
  • Royal Red Shrimps (Freeze dried)
  • Duck Breast Shreds (Freeze dried)
  • Lamb & Garlic Jerky (Single Protein)
  • Rostbratwurst Pork Sausage (Single Protein)
  • Kangaroo Mini Arm Bone (Single Protein)

Note: Flavours within the bag are allocated randomly. Strictly no return and exchange. 

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