Absolute Bites Air Dried Deer Sinew Dental Dog Treats 250g

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Air-dried deer sinew

Made with 100% low allergen grass-fed venison tendons

Air dried to lock in maximum taste and nutrients

Reduces plaque and tartar

No added hormones or antibiotics

Product of USA

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A yummy treat that also has dental benefits? Why yes it's the Absolute Bites Air Dried Deer Sinew Dental Dog Treats!

Made with 100% natural, low allergen, grass-fed venison tendons, this treat is high in single source protein.

Deer Sinew is also good for muscle building, bone and joint strengthening due to its high density collagen.

It can also help to reduce plaque and tartar from your dog's mouth, giving him cleaner teeth and fresher breath.

This yummy treat is air-dried to preserve all the nutrients and flavour inside the treat itself.

In addition, Absolute Bites Air Dried Deer Sinew Dental treat does not contain any antibiotics or added hormones.

Ingredients: 100% Natural Deer Tendons

Guaranteed Analysis (per 100g):
Protein - 88.9g
Fat SBR - 3.3g
Moisture - 6.4g
Ash - 1.4g
Fiber - 0