#1 All Systems SHAZAM Pet Whitening Gel 8oz


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Suitable for cats & dogs of all coat types.

Clear gel that helps remove tear & urine stains.

Contains glycerin to moisturize fur & coat.

Contains fur strengthening conditioner.

Suitable for use with wet & dry fur or in between baths.

Results shown approx. 15 minutes after application.

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#1 All Systems SHAZAM Pet Whitening Gel is a highly concentrated formula designed to remove tear and urine stains effectively from your pet’s fur.

Enriched with glycerin and fur strengthening conditioner, #1 All Systems SHAZAM Pet Whitening Gel moisturizes and maintains the texture of your pet’s natural coat.

#1 All Systems SHAZAM Pet Whitening Gel comes in a clear gel form that is easy to apply. It can be applied on both wet and dry fur.

For #1 All Systems SHAZAM Pet Whitening Gel to work effectively for stain removal, it takes about approximately 15 minutes for results to show. It can also be used in between baths whenever required.

Suitable For
Dogs and cats of all coat types.

Directions For Use
Use according to product label.
Results will only start showing 15 minutes from application.
Suitable for use in between baths.

Country Of Origin
Made in USA.

Product Weight
8oz (236.6ml)