#1 All Systems Botanical Pet Conditioner


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Prevents fur from getting matted & tangled

40 to 1 Concentrate

Used by show dogs around the world!

Formulated for dogs and cats

Available in two sizes

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#1 All Systems Botanical Pet Conditioner is formulated from botanical extracts to prevent matts and tangles while instantly conditioning your cat's or dog's coat, enhancing their texture & shine!

#1 All Systems Botanical Pet Conditioner is highly recommended for the longhaired dogs or those with difficult-to-manage coats, such as Bichon Frise, Poodles, Afghan Hounds, Shih-tzus & Spaniels.

Directions For Use
Use according to product label after shampooing your cat or dog.

Suitable For
Cats & dogs, including longhaired breeds.

Country Of Origin
Made in USA

Product Weight
16oz (473ml) and 1 gallon (3,785ml)

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