ZiwiPeak Pet Food - The New Zealand Difference

ZiwiPeak Pet Food is a premium New Zealand pet food brand that aims to deliver meticulously-crafted meals to emulate the whole-prey, meaty diets cats and dogs need to thrive!

Ethically and sustainably sourced, ZiwiPeak Pet Food only uses meat, fish and mussels from local farms and pristine New Zealand waters that are strictly managed by the NZ government.

ZiwiPeak Pet Food only contains premium ingredients - no rendered meats, animal meals, artificial flavours or colours, preservatives, antibiotics or added hormones!

The absence of fillers (such as grains, potatoes, sweet potatoes, peas, soy, rice and corn) in ZiwiPeak Pet Food makes it a popular choice for dogs with multiple food allergies.

ZiwiPeak Pet Food’s extensive range includes 100% grain-free air-dried and canned food for both dogs and cats, as well as oral health care chews and jerky treats (just for dogs)!

ZiwiPeak Pet Food - Benefits Of An Air-Dried Diet

ZiwiPeak Air-Dried Pet Food is handcrafted and made in small batches, utilising an innovative twin stage air-drying process to slowly and gently dry out the food, naturally preserving it.

By doing so, harmful bacteria such as salmonella and listeria are killed, leaving ZiwiPeak Air-Dried Pet Food with only safe, easily digestible pieces that are packed with nutrients.

ZiwiPeak Air-Dried Pet Food’s air-drying process produces nutritionally-denser foods containing more energy in each bite compared to ordinary kibble, allowing you to feed less & save more!

This special process also gives ZiwiPeak Air-Dried Pet Food their unique, meaty texture (similar to what you’ll find in jerky treats), placating even the fussiest cats and pickiest dogs.

ZiwiPeak Air-Dried Pet Food does not require any thawing or rehydrating unlike frozen and freeze-dried raw pet foods, making it easier & faster to serve, especially for busy pet owners!

ZiwiPeak Pet Food - Benefits Of An Air-Dried Diet

Ziwipeak Air-Dried Dog Food

ZiwiPeak Air-Dried Dog Food boasts a long list of superfoods and other beneficial ingredients, making it very popular among owners who prefer a holistic approach towards their dog’s health.

Only packed with quality foods, ZiwiPeak Air-Dried Dog Food consists of >95% meat, organs, bones & mussels, as well as a min. 4% of handpicked essential vitamins & minerals like kelp!

ZiwiPeak Air-Dried Dog Food features the unique New Zealand green lipped mussels, which are naturally rich in glucosamine and chondroitin to keep your dog’s joints strong and flexible.

Made with green tripe* (a delicious, easy to digest organ full of helpful digestive enzymes) as well, ZiwiPeak Air-Dried Dog Food is great for pets with sensitive stomachs or digestive issues!

ZiwiPeak Air-Dried Dog Food also contains essential nutrients such as Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, probiotics, amino acids, calcium & more, making it nutritionally complete and balanced!

*excluding Chicken formula.

Ziwipeak Air-Dried Dog Food

ZiwiPeak Air-Dried Cat Food

ZiwiPeak Air-Dried Cat Food uses a similar wholesome recipe idea of >95% meat, organs & bones, of which includes their signature ingredients: 3% green mussels & 7% green tripe*.

Specially formulated to meet your cat’s biological carnivorous need for a protein-rich diet that is also low in carbohydrates, ZiwiPeak Air-Dried Cat Food contains no grains, wheat or potatoes!

ZiwiPeak Air-Dried Cat Food’s long list of nutritious foods can help to boost overall health, including:

  • Healthier skin and fur.
  • Enhanced joint health and increased mobility.
  • Improved digestion.
  • Decreased food allergy or sensitivities.
  • Better weight management.

    ZiwiPeak Air-Dried Cat Food also ensures that it has everything your cat needs, such as probiotics, calcium, taurine, essential amino acids and most importantly, high quality protein!

    *excluding Chicken formula.

    ZiwiPeak Air-Dried Cat Food

    ZiwiPeak Canned Dog Food

    ZiwiPeak Canned Dog Food is the perfect option for any dog that prefers wet food, featuring 92% meat, organs and bone, which includes 3% green mussels and 7% species-specific tripe.

    The high protein content and lack of artificial binders such as agar, guar gum, carrageenan makes ZiwiPeak Canned Dog Food one of the most premium canned dog foods in Singapore!

    ZiwiPeak Canned Dog Food uses the least amount of chickpeas as possible instead to naturally bind the meat together, keeping to their promise of keeping out unnecessary carbohydrates.

    However, the extra addition of chickpeas also provides your dog with additional fibre, making ZiwiPeak Canned Dog Food a highly nutritious, complete and balanced meal great for any dog.

    ZiwiPeak Canned Dog Food is nutritionally complete & balanced and can be fed by itself as a meal, it is also very popular however as a meal topper, especially when mixed with kibble!

    ZiwiPeak Canned Dog Food

    ZiwiPeak Canned Cat Food

    ZiwiPeak Canned Cat Food is specially crafted to suit your cat’s biological needs, boasting the same 92% meat, organs and bones, which includes green mussels and cold-washed tripe.

    Similarly with their canned dog food, ZiwiPeak Canned Cat Food does not use any artificial gelling agents or binders, including agar, guar gum and carrageenan.

    ZiwiPeak Canned Cat Food instead uses a minimal amount of chickpeas to naturally bind the high meat content mixture together, while also providing extra fibre.

    If your cats dislike drinking water, try serving ZiwiPeak Canned Cat Food by itself or mixing it with your cat’s kibble, it is an easy and tasty way to keep them hydrated at every meal!

    ZiwiPeak Canned Cat Food also contains vitamins A, D & E, Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, as well as probiotics, essential amino acids, calcium, taurine and more!

    ZiwiPeak Canned Cat Food