Zignature Dog Food - Exceeding Expectations in Pet Nutrition.

Dogs are facultative carnivores by nature; in order to thrive, they need protein and other vitamins and minerals that only meat can provide.

This is why Zignature designed Physiologically Tuned™ food based on their Meat First philosophy.

Every Zignature dog food has quality meat or fish as the first two ingredients, to give your dog the animal protein-rich diet they need.

Zignature sources their meats from trusted suppliers located in places like Northwest America, France, and Australia.

All Zignature food is Made in USA, and are not made with any ingredients from China.

Zignature Dog Food - Exceeding Expectations in Pet Nutrition.

NEW! Zignature Catfish & Pork Dog Food

Zignature has added two new formulas to their dry food range: Catfish and Pork.

With the increase of dogs with food sensitivities and allergies, it is important to have access to more novel proteins.

Catfish and pork are unlikely to cause allergic reactions, and are popular choices for dogs with allergy issues.

Contrary to what some pawrents think, pork is a good choice of novel protein for dogs!

Not only is it rich in the amino acids our dogs need, it is also highly digestible and easy on the stomach.

Zignature Pork is also more affordable as compared to meats like kangaroo and venison.

Dogs who are only able to eat fish now have another flavour in addition to Zignature Salmon, Trout & Salmon, and Whitefish.

Introduce Zignature Catfish into your dog's diet, and you will have four flavours to rotate around!

NEW! Zignature Catfish & Pork Dog Food

Veterinarian Recommended For Allergies

Zignature uses a true limited ingredient diet in their dog food, similar to our dogs’ ancestral diet.

Common allergens are eliminated from all Zignature recipes, such as corn, soy, dairy, glutens, eggs and chicken.

To make things even simpler for dogs with allergies, Zignature offers seven different single-protein formulas.

This includes novel proteins such as kangaroo, venison, turkey, and duck, meats that dogs are unlikely to be allergic to.

Zignature also offers three different fish-based formulas, two of which are single-protein.

Fish-based formulas are popular with dogs with skin issues as fishes are naturally good sources of Omega fatty acids.

Zignature’s wide variety of protein sources to choose from makes rotation feeding easier.

Widely known to prevent food allergies from developing, rotation feeding also prevents boredom, and gives your dog access to a variety of nutrients.

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Veterinarian Recommended For Allergies

Low Glycemic Dog Food

Having protein in your dog’s diet may be essential, but carbohydrates play an important role too.

Carbohydrates provide energy for their daily activities, and fibre for a well-functioning digestive system.

The key is to use the right source of carbs; this means no high glycemic carbs, like rice, wheat or potatoes.

High glycemic carbohydrates are usually common allergens, and can upset sensitive tummies too as they’re harder to digest.

Instead, Zignature uses low-glycemic sources of carbs like chickpeas and peas that are rich in vitamins and minerals too.

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Low Glycemic Dog Food