Wysong - The Thinking Person’s Pet Food

Wysong pet food was established in 1979 by a former veterinary clinician and author of The Truth About Pet Foods, Dr. Randy Wysong.

Wysong’s products are designed to aid your furry loved ones in leading a long, disease-free life and prevent common health issues such as:


  • Poor skin and coat
  • Hip and joint problems
  • Obesity
  • Aging-related diseases

    Under careful advisement of pet health doctorate professionals, Wysong has their own food production facilities in USA.

    Wysong’s pet foods are designed to mimic our pets’ natural carnivorous diet as closely as possible.

    Wysong - The Thinking Person’s Pet Food

    Wysong Uretic Cat Food

    Wysong is particularly known for their Uretic dry & wet food, which is specially formulated for cats with urinary issues.

    Both Wysong Uretic dry and wet food have:


  • Urinary-important methionine added
  • Micronutrients & nutraceuticals that target immune & urinary systems
  • Excess minerals eliminated
  • Chicken meat as the first ingredient

    Although both Uretic dry & wet formulas can be fed alone as is, it is advisable to mix them if your cat has insufficient water intake.

    Wysong Uretic Cat Food

    Wysong’s Grain Free Pet Food

    Providing our pets with a meat-rich diet is crucial to their health; failing to do so could result in poor health.

    All Wysong grain-free dry pet foods have a protein level of 50% and above, and contain Wysong’s micronutrient spectrum.

    They are also formulated to allow easy rotation feeding, giving our pets access to a variety of protein sources & nutrients.


  • Epigen dry food - The first and only starch-free kibble for cats and dogs of all life stages, with protein levels of 60% and above


  • Epigen wet food - Also starch & grain free, suitable for cats and dogs, made of almost entirely meat (over 95%) from single protein sources


  • Optimal dry food - Pork-free, cat-only formulas made with organic chicken as the first ingredient, and protein levels of 50% and above
    Wysong’s Grain Free Pet Food

    Wysong’s Non-Grain Free Pet Food

    Some of Wysong’s formulas (like Epigen) are for both cats and dogs:


  • Anergen - A chicken-free formula recommended for cats & dogs with food sensitivities; it uses alternative protein sources like lamb & crab meal


  • Fundamentals - A high-protein, limited ingredient chicken-based cat & dog diet

    Other formulas are life stage and pet-specific:


  • Nurture (for kittens), Growth (for puppies) and Senior (for senior dogs).

    All three formulas have higher levels of micronutrients and added colostrum to boost their immunity

    They also have high levels of meat protein, and use meat & meat meal as the first two ingredients.

    Wysong’s Non-Grain Free Pet Food

    Wysong’s Pet Supplements

    In the wild, carnivores eat more than just meat; they eat bones, organs, and vegetation-filled innards too.

    Wysong Call of the Wild food supplement provides minerals and micronutrients that a prey diet lacks.

    Simply sprinkle it onto the fresh, raw meat for a nutritionally balanced meal!

    Wysong DentaTreat food supplement prevents tooth decay, gingivitis, plaque and bad breath.

    Consisting of natural ingredients like cheese, probiotics and minerals, simply sprinkle it onto food or brush your pet’s teeth with it!

    Like most of their food, Wysong’s pet supplements are suitable for both cats and dogs.

    Wysong’s Pet Supplements