Whimzees Natural Dog Chews

Produced in Holland, Whimzees produces all natural dental dog treats that is both healthy and fun for your dogs.

Whimzees aims to provide the best quality products manufactured at the highest standards for you and and your dog at a great value!

Available in lots of shapes and sizes to keep your pet’s tail wagging. Alligators, Hedgehogs, toothbrush shapes and more!

Whimzees comes in unique shapes that helps promote blood circulation in the gums as your dog chews on the treat, helping to prevent bad breath.

They also help prevent tartar buildup and plaque deposits while providing your dog with a healthy, fun treat!

Whimzees Natural Dog Chews

Natural Ingredients, Less Allergies

Made with limited, functional natural ingredients and no artificial colors, ingredients, flavor, preservatives, GMO, gluten or meats.

An ideal healthy treat, Whimzees natural daily dental dog treats are packed with fiber and contain low calories and sugar!

Its allergy-friendly formula covers most allergy related issues, making this treat an excellent choice for dogs with dietary restrictions.

Natural Ingredients, Less Allergies

What’s In Whimzees?

Whimzees dog treats are made from:

  • Potato Starch - A easily digestible, gluten-free source of energy for your pets.

  • Glycerin - Adds taste and help retain moisture in the chews.

  • Powdered Cellulose - A great source of fiber and also helps polish your dog’s teeth and aids the digestive tract regularity.

  • Lecithin - An Emulsifier made from vegetables.

  • Malt Extract - A gluten-free extract that promotes metabolism, muscle tone and strong bones.

  • Yeast - Provides Vitamin B, minerals and amino acids to give a healthier coat as well as aid digestion.
    What’s In Whimzees?

    Natural Colors With Added Benefits

    Whimzees uses all-natural ingredients to give their treats color; these ingredients have additional nutritional benefits.

  • Green - Their green coloring is derived from alfalfa extract, which provides vitamins K, C, and six B’s and beta-carotene.

  • Orange - Annatto extract from the annatto fruit gives Whimzees a natural orange color and is rich in antioxidants.

  • Brown - The brown coloring is from malt extract, a natural flavor enhancer that makes the treat more palatable.

  • White - Made from calcium carbonate they help to prevent tooth decay and keep your dog’s bones strong and healthy.
  • Natural Colors With Added Benefits