Unconditional Love. Uncompromising Nutrition.

The Wellness Difference means that Wellness pet food contains no ‘empty calories’, only ingredients from quality natural sources and supplements necessary for good health.

Wellness' wide range of foods & treats has everything to meet any dog’s dietary needs, such as size-appropriate kibble for Large, Small & Toy Breeds.

Some dogs may need to watch their weight; Wellness CORE Reduced Fat dry dog food has 25% less fat than CORE Original formula. Their Weight Management canned dog food has lower calories & more fiber.

Exclusively for Kohepets customers! From 26 December 2016 to 8 January 2017, all Wellness dog products* will earn you DOUBLE Kohe Points.

You will also receive a $20 Wellness voucher to use on your next purchase for every big bag** of Wellness dry dog food purchased.

*This applies to dry food, canned food and treats from all Wellness ranges.
**Big bags: Wellness Trufood 10 to 18lb, and Wellness Core, Complete Health, and Simple 22 to 30lb.
Unconditional Love. Uncompromising Nutrition.

Wellness CORE Dog Food

Wellness CORE is a grain-free range formulated for leaner body mass and muscle tone, with optimum fat and calorie levels.

The Wellness CORE dry food includes a puppy formula, three adult formulas, one reduced fat formula and one small breed adult formula.

Wellness recently introduced a new canned food range, Wellness CORE Hearty Cuts, containing thick meaty cuts of protein like turkey, duck, salmon & more! All in a rich gravy mixed with superfoods like sweet potatoes, spinach, & broccoli.

The original Wellness CORE canned food for adult dogs has five protein sources and comes in four variants, one of which is the Weight Management formula.

The Wellness CORE canned food for puppies supports higher energy needs and contains a natural source of DHA, essential for proper puppy development.
Wellness CORE Dog Food

Wellness Complete Health Dog Food

Providing whole food nutrition for everyday health, Wellness Complete Health dog food brings out the 5 Signs of Wellness in your dog:

  • Healthy skin and shiny coat
  • Good digestive health
  • Bright eyes, healthy teeth and gums
  • High energy levels
  • Strong immune system

    Wellness Complete Health dog food targets each life stage (puppy, adult & senior) in a variety of breed sizes:

  • Small Breed dry dog food comes in one puppy, two adult and one senior formulas.
  • Toy Breed dry dog food comes in one adult formula.
  • Large Breed dry dog food comes in one adult formula.
  • Standard sized dry dog food come in one puppy and two adult formulas.

    If your dog is allergic to grains like rice and barley, Wellness Complete Health is available in two Grain-Free variants for adult dogs.
    Wellness Complete Health Dog Food

    Wellness Simple Dog Food

    Wellness Simple dog food is specially formulated for dogs with food allergies or sensitivities as it only has a single protein source and limited ingredients.

    The lack of gluten & dairy, and the use of easily digestible carbs (like potatoes & oatmeal), prebiotics & probiotics make Wellness Simple easy on the tummy.

    Its abundance in Omega fatty acids makes Wellness Simple nourishing for the skin and coat as well.

    All Wellness Simple formulas are chicken-free, using novel proteins instead like duck, turkey and salmon.

    Wellness Simple dry dog food comes in three grain free formulas (one of which is for Small Breeds), and one non-grain free formula.

    Wellness Simple canned dog food comes in two grain free formulas, and two non-grain free formulas.
    Wellness Simple Dog Food

    Wellness Trufood Dog Food

    Wellness Trufood is a nutrient-dense, raw-inspired range of dog food & treats free of grains, potato & wheat. Convenient & easy to feed and store, it has more benefits than generic kibble.

    Made with over 70% raw protein ingredients & slow-baked in small batches, Wellness Trufood is an artful blend of protein, digestive fiber & antioxidant-rich superfoods.

    All Wellness Trufood dog formulas contain The Trilogy Blend, which consists of Whole Prey Protein Bites, Living Superfood Nuggets & Air-dried Veggies & Fruits.

    Wellness Trufood also uses more uncommon ingredients like hearts and livers, as well as chia seeds, kale, purple carrots & turmeric to give your dog more health benefits.

    Wellness Trufood dry dog food is available in one puppy formula, and three adult formulas, one of which is for small breeds.
    Wellness Trufood Dog Food