Wahl Pet Singapore

Wahl Clipper Corporation was initially founded in 1919 by Leo J. Wahl in the USA with their innovative breakthrough of the first practical electric hair clipper that took the world by storm.

Since then, Wahl has been at the forefront of professional and home grooming for humans, and by leveraging on their expertise — clippers, they were also able to provide high-quality grooming tools and equipment for our furry friends!

Wahl’s professional pet clippers are still widely used today in grooming salons internationally, and their extensive range features complementary grooming tools and products to help complete your at-home grooming collection.

Explore Wahl’s thoughtfully-designed selection of slicker brushes, deshedder brushes, combs, nail clippers for cats and dogs, along with their best-selling series of dog shampoos!

Wahl Pet Singapore

Wahl Grooming Tools For Cats & Dogs — Quality Grooming Essentials You Need!

Wahl Grooming Tools For Cats & Dogs feature all the essential, must-have tools every pet household needs to get their furry friends in tip-top condition:

  • Wahl Slicker Brushes — Ideal for medium to long-haired or curly-haired cats and dogs, choose from angled stainless steel wire bristles or gentle rounded nylon bristles to help remove loose fur, dirt and dander.

  • Wahl De-Shedder Brushes — Great for dogs with thick coats, keep your dog shedding under control with the Wahl Under Coat De-Shedder or the Wahl Double Row Rake/Shedding Blade.

  • Wahl Pin Brush — A dual-ended brush that also features a bristle brush end that’s great for grooming dogs with short, smooth coats.

  • Wahl Comb — With 22mm long stainless steel teeth, Wahl’s extra large grooming comb is great for daily maintenance and tackling tangles or small mats.

  • Wahl Nail Clippers — Trim your pet’s nails effortlessly with nail clippers designed with sharp, stainless steel blades that are comfortable and easy to use.

    Featuring their ergonomic non-slip gel grip on all their brushes, Wahl Grooming Tools For Cats & Dogs are designed with the groomer in mind, making long grooming sessions at home a much better experience!
  • Wahl Grooming Tools For Cats & Dogs — Quality Grooming Essentials You  Need!

    Wahl Dog Shampoos — For Squeaky Clean Coats That Smell Amazing All Day!

    Wahl Dog Shampoos include beneficial ingredients to hydrate, cleanse and moisturise your dog’s skin and coat, leaving them squeaky clean and smelling amazing all day long!

    Made with plant-based cleansers that work to give you a luxuriously rich lather, Wahl Dog Shampoos are pH-balanced and do not contain any harsh chemicals, alcohol, parabens or PEG-80s.

    Wahl Dog Shampoos’ concentrated formulas only takes a small amount of shampoo to cover your dog from top to toe, allowing you to get more uses out of every large 700ml bottle.

    To suit your dog’s unique needs, Wahl Dog Shampoos comes in six formulas: 4-In-1 Shampoo & Conditioner, Oatmeal, Odor Control, Puppy, Shed Control and Whitening.

    Wahl Dog Shampoos — For Squeaky Clean Coats That Smell Amazing All Day!