Purina One Cat Food - Nourishing Pets, Enriching Lives

Purina One Cat Food is a veterinarian-recommended brand that aims to provide your cat with the correct nutrition daily while making sure your cat still enjoys a tasty meal.

A source of real protein for your cat, Purina One Cat Food is formulated with 34% or more real meat, poultry or fish.

Purina One Cat Food believes in sustainability and being eco-friendly, which is why they responsibly source their meat ingredients to give your cat quality meat in her food.

Kohepets wants to give your cat the chance to try out the nutritionally complete and balanced Purina One Cat Food to see if it is the perfect new diet for her!

Purina One Cat Food - 21-Day Promise

Purina One’s 21-Day Promise to you & your precious feline: See a visible improvement in your cat’s health within 21 days from her first bowl of Purina One Cat Food!

In order to cater to a specific age range or health need, Purina One Cat Food offers your cat a range of healthy and functional dry food:

  • Indoor Advantage - Specifically designed to help adult cats reduce hairballs in their stomach and promote better digestive health.

  • Tender Selects - Ideal for adult cats, it promotes good heart, muscle and joint health. Each kibble is enriched with Omega-6 fatty acids to enhance your cat’s skin and fur as well.

  • Healthy Kitten Formula - Formulated especially for optimal nourishment of young kittens. This provides your kitten the protein she needs daily as well as promotes eye and brain development for your growing kitten.

  • Purina One Cat Food’s products do not contain any added artificial flavours or preservatives.

    Purina One Cat Food - 21-Day Promise

    Purina One Cat Food - What To Expect?

    Purina One Cat Food will give your feline a great appetite right on the first day of munching down a bowl of Purina One delicious cat food.

    Within a week or so, Purina One Cat Food will help your cat develop higher energy & vitality and subsequently improved digestion within the second to third week.

    Purina One Cat Food aims to show visible improvement on the third week and give your cat healthier skin, shinier coat and brighter eyes for your beloved feline.

    In a month, Purina One Cat Food ultimately strives to boost your cat’s immune system as well as enhance her dental, bone and joint health.

    Purina One Cat Food - What To Expect?