Pro Plan Cat Food

Pro Plan Cat Food is a well-established brand of cat food, with 85 years of research backing their nutritious recipes.

Pioneering the need to have real meat as the first ingredient in its recipes, Pro Plan continues to deliver the advanced nutrition and great taste that your cat needs and love.

Pro Plan has over 400 scientists, veterinarians and nutritionists staff that ensures your cat gets the best care through their meals.

With formulas to aid your aging cat or their sensitive stomach, Pro Plan has the right meal to offer for you and your xT.

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Pro Plan Cat Food - Nurturing Your Kitten

Pro Plan helps to nurture your young cat with kitten formulas that strengthen and protects their well-being.

Enriched with colostrum, Pro Plan OptiStart formulas boost your young cat’s weak immune system and protect them from digestive upsets.

Pro Plan OptiStart formulas use chicken as a high protein content source that will help with your cat’s muscle development and naturally contains glucosamine that aids in strengthening their joints.

Pro Plan Kitten Dry Food is available in 1 formula: Pro Plan OptiStart Kitten Dry Cat Food.

Pro Plan Cat Food - Nurturing Your Kitten

Pro Plan Cat Food - Support For Adulthood

Pro Plan Cat Food comes in various formulas that allows your adult cat to reach their optimum health and have a happier life.

Pro Plan OptiDerma formula prevents excessive shedding, allowing your cat to maintain a healthy coat and firm skin as well as controlling hairball movement in their digestive tract.

Cats are rather fussy when it comes to drinking water, thus quite a number of cats will face renal problems because they do not consume enough water due to their fussiness.

With Pro Plan OptiRenal, it is formulated to keep your cat’s kidney healthy by protecting it from oxidative damage and minimising inflammation.

Feed your cat the right food for their unique needs with these 3 recipes: Pro Plan OptiDerma Derma Plus Adult Dry Cat Food, Pro Plan OptiRenal Adult Salmon Dry Cat Food, and Pro Plan OptiRenal Adult Housecat Dry Cat Food.

Pro Plan Cat Food - Support For Adulthood

Pro Plan Cat Food - Caring For Your Senior Cat

Your cat will hit senior life stage at 7 years old and will need the dietary support to live a long and healthy life in your care.

Pro Plan Longevis aids in your cat’s lowered immune system by providing them with antioxidants and vitamins to boost and improve their immune system.

Preventing loss of lean body mass, Pro Plan Longevis provides lean protein from chicken to maintain healthy muscles and lean body mass.

Pro Plan Longevis introduces healthy gut bacteria with prebiotics to support your cat’s digestive function.

Pro Plan Longevis is available in 1 variant: Pro Plan Longevis Adult 7+ Dry Cat Food.

Pro Plan Cat Food - Caring For Your Senior Cat