Pet Fiesta 2016

Pet Fiesta 2016 is an annual carnival organised by Hope For Animals and Nee Soon GRC to help 7 animal shelters raise funds and promote responsible ownership.

Launched in 2015, participating vendors sell pet food, toys, treats, accessories, and more while the shelters raise awareness for their cause. There are also contests, games, educational talks and performances.

This year’s Pet Fiesta will also have fun activities for pet owners and their furkids, such as pet photography and caricatures. Some of the activities (such as canine massages and vet check-ups) are even free!

Date: 4 September 2016, Sunday
Venue: Nee Soon East Community Centre, 1 Yishun Ave 9, Singapore 768893
Time: 10am to 6pm
Pet Fiesta 2016

Helping the Animals

The shelters will also bring some of the animals that are up for adoption! This is the perfect chance to meet them, whether you’re looking to adopt, or you love animals but can’t keep one.

These pets are typically abandoned or strays; cases of abuse are not uncommon, and what they need more than anything is a loving home.

HFA & the shelters aim to:

  • Promote Responsible Ownership
  • Raise Awareness About Animal Welfare Issues (Abandonment, Cruelty, etc.)
  • Re-home & Help Animals In Need

    You’ll be helping hundreds of animals by supporting the shelters, and every little bit counts! There are so many ways to show your support, and one simple way is to come down to Pet Fiesta.
  • Helping the Animals

    Hope For Animals

    Hope For Animals (HFA) is a non-registered group of volunteers who are passionate about animal welfare and rescue. Founded in 2012, these animal lovers help numerous animal shelters raise awareness and funds through events.

    Some of the shelters at Pet Fiesta have land leases expiring in 2017, making it crucial for them to quickly raise as much funds as possible. Relocating will no doubt be difficult and expensive, hence, HFA hopes to help them through Pet Fiesta.

    You can learn more about the shelters Kohepets is helping (Animal Lovers League & Uncle Khoe’s K9) and how you can help them here.
    Hope For Animals

    What Will Kohepets Be Doing?

    Kohepets will be selling organic pet brands like Organicfuls, Muddy Paws and Opie & Dixie and healthy supplements like AEE K9+ and Life by Tropiclean.

    There will be:
  • Promotions
  • A food & necessities donation drive for Animal Lovers League & Uncle Khoe’s K9

    And most importantly, 20% of all sales proceeds will go to the shelters!

    You can learn more about the shelters Kohepets is helping (Animal Lovers League & Uncle Khoe’s K9) and how you can help them here.
  • What Will Kohepets Be Doing?