The PeeWee Cat Litter

PeeWee Cat Litter is a 100% natural and biodegradable wood pellets litter made from compressing sawdust of carefully sourced Swedish trees under very high pressure.

Highly absorbent and with a strong natural pine scent, PeeWee Cat Litter has a natural ability to neutralise ammonia smells.

The PeeWee System

PeeWee Cat Litter

PeeWee Cat Litter is:

  • Safe - There are no leaves, bark, or any chemicals added during the production process, such as scents, glues, and binding agents, making it safe for your cats.

  • Durable & Long-Lasting - It lasts 2 times longer than the average pine cat litter, and can last even longer (3 times, to be exact) when used with a PeeWee Litter Tray.

  • Highly Absorbent - You won't have to worry about your cat's paws anymore, with PeeWee they'll stay clean and dry.

  • Dust-Free - There won't be traces of litter or thick layers of dust with PeeWee.

  • Good At Controlling Odors - Ammonia smells are completely absorbed and there won't be anymore foul pungent odors around the house.

  • Eco-Friendly - The sawdust used to make PeeWee is residue from the Swedish wood industry; it is biodegradable, compostable and renewable.
    PeeWee Cat Litter

    How The Swedish Double Tray Works

    PeeWee Cat Litter gives the best results when used with PeeWee cat litter trays because of the way they are designed; it can last 3 times as long as compared to being used with a normal cat litter tray.

    When your cat urinates in a PeeWee Litter Tray with PeeWee Cat Litter, 90% of your its urine and the soiled litter will fall into the bottom tray.

    The rest of the urine will be absorbed by the litter in the top tray, which will cause the litter to disintegrate and fall into the bottom tray.

    This system keeps the litter in the top tray constantly clean and dry.

    PeeWee Cat Litter Trays come in a range of sleek, modern designs in a various neutral colours and sizes. Suitable for cats of any size and breed, PeeWee Cat Litter Trays will complement your home perfectly.

    How The Swedish Double Tray Works

    PeeWee Cat Litter Review

    As featured on, in '10 things you might want to know before keeping cats':

    #4 Pee-Wee litter + box

    "I have gone through 3 types of litter, 2 small litter box and 1 toilet bowl training kit.

    The best of all is still Pee-wee litter, the more they pee the more pine smell is release in the air. Ahhhhh… Pine trees…."

    - Yuhui

    Pictured: Olaf the Ragdoll

    PeeWee Cat Litter Review