Pawlyclinic — Veterinary Care Right At Your Fingertips

Pawlyclinic — Veterinary Care Right At Your Fingertips

A one-stop platform for all your pet’s healthcare needs, Pawlyclinic features an appointment system, teleconsulting service and online pet pharmacy all in one simple application!

Pawlyclinic works with an existing circle of trusted veterinary clinics, so you can easily schedule a teleconsult or physical appointment with anyone in their ever-expanding list of partners below:

  • Spring Veterinary Care
  • Gaia Veterinary Centre
  • Amber Vet
  • Namly Veterinary Surgery
  • The Pet Doctors Veterinary Clinic
  • Point Veterinary Surgery
  • West Coast Vetcare

    With all your pet’s medical records stored at one place, Pawlyclinic makes medical information easily accessible across their network of vets, improving the quality and efficiency of medical care.

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    Have Questions About Pawlyclinic? Don't Worry, We're Here For You!

    How do I create an account?

    Simply click here to sign up in 2 easy steps.

    Step 1: Fill in your name and basic contact details.

    Step 2: Fill in your pet’s name and other basic information – gender species, age, etc. You can add multiple pets if you are a parent to more than one pet!

    How do I book a teleconsultation?

    Please sign up on Pawlyclinic's pet parent portal or log in here.

    Thereafter, you can search for the right vet or vet clinic by availability, experience and special interest area. Then, simply choose a time slot and pay online to confirm your appointment!

    Can I choose a vet?

    Yes, upon logging into the Pawlyclinic owner portal, you will see a page displaying all the vets and vet clinics on our platform.

    There is also a search bar available if you know the vet’s name or clinic name. You can also filter by various other attributes to narrow your search to the most relevant vet(s).

    Consultation fee will be charged at the rate set by the vet.

    How do I purchase my medicine after the consultation?

    After the consultation, you will receive an email and WhatsApp message from Pawlyclinic with the post consultation details for your prescription.

    Simply review your prescription and make a payment in the link provided. You will also be able to view and purchase the prescription once ready under their Recent Appointment on the Home dashboard.

    How does prescription refill work?

    Book a teleconsultation and let them know you would like to obtain a long-term prescription when providing your pet’s symptoms.

    Upload and provide your pet's existing prescription(s) and if available, medical history.

    You can obtain a long-term prescription for prescription diets, medications, supplements, preventatives or any other Rx products that you need for your furkid, and have them delivered to you!

    How does physical appointment booking work?

    When you schedule an appointment with a clinic, Pawlyclinic will request for your preferred time of the day.

    Shortly after the appointment request has been submitted following successful payment, you will be informed of the specific appointment time (which will be during your preferred time of the day) via email and WhatsApp.

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    Pawlyclinic — Say Goodbye To Vet Anxiety

    Pawlyclinic — Say Goodbye To Vet Anxiety

    Everyone knows that vet visits can be a stressful situation for everyone involved.

    Not only do our pets get stressed and overly anxious of new, unfamiliar environments at the vet, pet parents may also struggle getting their pet there — whether it’s wrangling their cat into the carrier or cleaning up accidents on the car.

    Pawlyclinic helps to reduce these stressful visits to the vet when they aren’t needed, allowing you to easily consult a professional anytime, right from the comfort of your own home!

    This makes Pawlyclinic especially handy if you’d like to check with a vet regarding some smaller symptoms or odd behaviours your pet may be showing, which in turn also helps your vet to detect potential health problems earlier.

    With Pawlyclinic, get a peace of mind about your pet’s health without going through the hassle of bringing them to the clinic every single time.

    What Makes Pawlyclinic Different?

    What Makes Pawlyclinic Different?

  • Reliability — Consult professionals from their list of established veterinary clinics.

  • Continuity — Pawlyclinic allows for a seamless transition throughout your pet’s online and offline consultations, with no extra charge for consultation fees at the clinic when referred from a teleconsult*. You can see the same vet, or find a clinic closer to your home.

  • Convenience — Get your medication delivered to your doorstep within just a few hours, for free! This also includes prescription refills and any long-term prescriptions your pet might have.

  • Stellar Reviews — Despite being relatively new, Pawlyclinic has already garnered a loyal following, including furkids of our local celebrities; as seen on Zoe Tay’s Instagram!

    *excluding after-hours surcharge, as long as you visit the clinic within 48 hours.
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