Optimus Pet Supplement

Optimus Pet is a natural and holistic pet supplement designed to help your pet reach optimal health, prevent diseases and prolong their lifespan through good nutrition.

Made from microalgae, a fully vegetarian and non-GMO source, Optimus Pet is recommended for pets that need an immunity boost, especially those with multiple health issues.

Optimus Pet is suitable for all animals at all life stages, including dogs, cats, rabbits and even fish! Made of just a single ingredient, it is suitable for even dogs with food allergies.

Formulated based on phytotherapy research and technology patented by a former NASA scientist, Optimus Pet is rich in nutrients such as vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids.

Optimus Pet is available in both power and tablet form, depending on how you prefer to feed your pet. You can mix it into their pet food, or feed it by itself!

Optimus Pet

Optimus Pet - Suitable For All Animals

Optimus Pet is safe for dogs, cats, rabbits and even fish! Even pets with a sensitive stomach and/or food allergies are able to take Optimus Pet.

Microalgae is a rich plant source of amino acids and important nutrients like Omega fatty acids and protein, and is the only ingredient in Optimus Pet.

Two examples of microalgae you might have heard of are chlorella and spirulina, both of which are commonly used in health supplements.

The microalgae in Optimus Pet has more nutrients than any other fruit or vegetables, and is easily and highly digestible due to its molecular size.

Optimus Pet is 100% vegetarian and does not contain any gluten, dairy, wheat or soy, and is suitable for all animals of any age, especially puppies and senior dogs.

Optimus Pet - Suitable For All Animals

Optimus Pet - How Can It Help My Pet?

Past reviews and testimonials have shown that Optimus Pet can help your pet with a variety of health problems.

Such common pet health issues include poor skin and coat, fungal infections, joint and muscle pain, poor eyesight, urinary tract infections, and poor digestion.

Optimus Pet’s nano protein content is one of the highest; studies have also shown that it can:

  • Lower triglycerides (fat in the blood)
  • Balance blood sugar levels
  • Reduce LDL (otherwise known as the “bad cholesterol”)
  • Increase HDL (otherwise known as the “good cholesterol”)
  • Improve immune system via immune modulation

    With effects such as these, Optimus Pet can help pets with issues such as diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol and weak immunity.

    Optimus Pet - How Can It Help My Pet?

    Optimus Pet - Is It Safe For My Pets?

    The first question that all pet owners ask (especially if their pet is on medication) is if Optimus Pet is safe for their pet; the answer is: Yes!

    Unlike some farmed meats and vegetables, Optimus Pet does not contain chemical additives like steroids, antibiotics and pesticides.

    Optimus Pet’s microalgae is a simple plant cultivated in a safe area with no possibility of contamination from pollutants and almost no acid rain.

    Using clean, FDA-approved well-water 2km from the ground, Optimus Pet abstains from using any chemicals or filtration.

    Optimus Pet instead relies on their special patented system to ensure their microalgae is certified free of contaminants (with a Certificate of Analysis).

    A natural health supplement for pets, Optimus Pet does not use any synthetic ingredients, toxic chemicals, dyes or by-products.

    Optimus Pet Supplement