Nutripe Pet Food - They Just Love It.

You may have heard of green tripe, especially if you’ve done some research on feeding a raw diet.

Green tripe (usually from sheep) is one of the most nutritious organs for our pets; some have even called it a superfood.

Raw tripe can be inconvenient to feed though, and the pungent smell can be too much for some to handle.

Our pets aren’t deterred by the smell (most of them love it!), but it’s much easier to feed when canned.

Nutripe canned pet food features green lamb tripe as a key ingredient in a variety of grain-free formulas.

Made in New Zealand with free-range meat & wild-caught fish, Nutripe is an easy way to give your pet the benefits of green tripe.

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Nutripe - They Just Love It.

Only The Freshest Green Lamb Tripe

Tripe is a ruminant (grazing animal)’s stomach lining; Nutripe uses abomasums, which is rich in nutrients and natural goodness.

By not bleaching or processing it, the green tripe retains all of its digestive enzymes, gastric juices & amino acids.


  • Protein & Amino Acids - Necessary for muscular development
  • Digestive Enzymes - Increase metabolism, purify blood, & remove parasites, fungus & toxins
  • Beneficial Bacteria (Probiotics) - Helps maintain a balance of microflora in the gut
  • Fatty Acids - Good for improving skin & coat health
  • Gastric Juices - Aids digestion & helps your pet absorb all its food’s benefits

    Nutripe’s easy digestibility and overwhelmingly strong aroma makes it popular among picky eaters & recuperating pets.

  • Only The Freshest Green Lamb Tripe

    Nutripe for Dogs

    Nutripe dog food comes in four ranges: Classic 390g, Ambrosia 390g, Fit 95g and Exotic 175g.

    Nutripe Classic has freeze-dried Green Lipped Mussel Powder added for joint care and skin & coat health.

    Green lipped mussels are rich in chondroitin, glucosamine and Omega 3 fatty acids like EPA & DHA.

    Nutripe Ambrosia doesn’t contain green lipped mussels, but has ingredients like apples, peas, carrots & cheese.

    Nutripe Fit (the smallest-sized cans) is enhanced with CoEnzyme Q10 to boost cardiovascular health & energy levels.

    Nutripe Exotic uses exotic novel proteins like kangaroo, brushtail and unagi, & is recommended for dogs with many food allergies.

    Nutripe also has a variety of air-dried treats (Nutripe Zephyr) made of animal parts such as venison ribs and liver.

    Made with no colourings or preservatives, Nutripe Zephyr has eight yummy variants for your dog to choose from.

    Nutripe for Dogs

    Nutripe for Cats

    Unlike Nutripe for dogs, Nutripe canned cat food is only available in two ranges: Classic 185g and Fit 95g.

    Apart from the essential Taurine, the ingredients used in Nutripe cat food are the same as those used in Nutripe dog food.

    Like most wet cat foods, Nutripe's high moisture content helps increase your cat's water intake.

    Most cat experts recommend that cats should be fed wet food regularly as most cats dislike drinking water.

    Nutripe Classic is available in a wider variety of flavours, and is popular with multiple-cat households due to its economical size.

    Nutripe Fit's smaller cans are convenient for single-cat households or those that prefer to feed their cat in smaller portions.

    The Coenzyme Q10 in Nutripe Fit is also recommended for senior and/or ailing cats.

    Nutripe wet food can be fed by itself or as a meal topper mixed in with kibble to all cats of any breed or age.

    Nutripe for Cats

    Nutripe Health Supplements

    Nutripe’s supplements are suitable for both cats & dogs, and cover a range of common health issues.

    Nutripe Via-Bio Probiotics (pictured) is a yummy paste in a syringe that can be added to your pet’s food.

    It contains live & viable micro-organisms that maintain a microbial balance in your pet’s gastrointestinal system and help digestive, skin and coat issues.

    Nutripe Dermiracle is a hypoallergenic skin & coat health supplement made of emu oil.

    Packed in capsules, it is rich in essential Omega 3, 6 & 9 fatty acids like oleic, linolenic and linoleic.

    Nutripe Arthiculate is another hypoallergenic capsule supplement, made of freeze-dried mussel powder.

    Green lipped mussel powder is rich in amino acids, chondroitin, glucosamine and calcium, all of which are good for joint & bone care.

    Nutripe Health Supplements