Northwest Naturals - Made in USA From Start To Finish

Northwest Naturals is owned by a family-run business, Morasch Meats, in Oregon, USA, which has been around since 1956.

Morasch Meats started out specialising in meat products for restaurants and grocery stores. In 1980, their facility was officially USDA inspected and certified.

Not long after, they were asked to produce a BARF diet based pet food that is not only safe for your cats and dogs, but nutritionally beneficial too.

With their many years of experience, knowledge, and trusted techniques, Morasch Meats founded their own brand of raw frozen pet food, Northwest Naturals, in 2004.

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Northwest Naturals - Made in USA From Start To Finish

We Use Nature To Design Our Food

Northwest Naturals is:

  • 80% meat and organs, 18.75% produce, 1.25% supplements
  • Free of fillers like corn, grain, gluten, wheat, and soy
  • Free of antibiotics and added hormones
  • Naturally preserved by HPP, freeze-drying and mixed tocopherols
  • Sourced in the USA and New Zealand
  • Made entirely in USA in a quality-controlled USDA human food facility

    Ingredients such as meat, organs and ground bone ensure your dog’s diet is as close as possible as what they would eat in the wild.

    Rich in essential fatty acids, enzymes and amino acids, a complete and balanced raw diet can help improve your dog’s digestive and overall health.

    Nutrient-rich fruits and veggies like apples, cantaloupe, broccoli and carrots are also added to give your pup the vitamins he needs.

    Other non-essential but beneficial supplements like ground flaxseed, fish oil and apple cider vinegar help with dry, itchy skin and other skin issues.
    We Use Nature To Design Our Food

    Freeze Dried or Frozen?

    A common question among pet owners when discussing raw pet food is: What is the difference between freeze-dried and frozen?

    In the case of most brands like Northwest Naturals, the ingredients used are exactly the same.

    The key difference then, is the way the pet food is preserved.

    Both freeze-dried and frozen pet foods are naturally preserved, but freeze-dried foods are a lot more convenient and less time-consuming.

    Unlike frozen foods, freeze-dried pet foods do not require freezer storage and thawing, hence needing less preparation time.

    Some freeze-dried dog food needs hydrating, Northwest Naturals Freeze-Dried Dog Food can be fed as is, making them instantaneous meals.

    They can brought around and fed easily if you’re on the go, perhaps if you are spending the day outside with your pup.
    Freeze Dried or Frozen?

    Picky Eaters & Senior Dogs

    Northwest Naturals Freeze-Dried Dog Food is extremely palatable, making them irresistible to dogs that are reluctant to eat.

    Some dogs are just picky eaters, while others may be injured or recovering from an illness.

    Senior dogs or dogs that may have lost their teeth will also find Northwest Naturals an appealing choice.

    Most importantly, Northwest Naturals can be served as a nutritious snack or meal.

    Shaped in small nuggets that are easy to break and crumble, they can be served as they are, or fed as food toppers and treats.
    Picky Eaters & Senior Dogs