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It all started in New Zealand when one of Fiona’s Newfoundlands, Rosie, was diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM).

Fiona is a Newfoundlands breeder and trained veterinary nurse; she read about fish oils and their benefits, and thought it could help Rosie’s condition.

With her knowledge and passion about dogs, Fiona was determined to find a good fish oil supplement.

Unable to find the right one, Fiona decided to make her own, using refined, human-grade NZ Hoki fish oil.

Rosie’s arrhythmia (abnormal heart rhythm) improved; Fiona’s other dogs had better skin and coats too.

Even Flame, her oldest dog, had increased mobility! Neighbours noticed, and soon, Newflands was born.

Newflands - Happy Pets. Happy People.

Newflands Hoki Fish Oil

Hoki (also known as blue grenadier) is a fish native to the pristine waters of New Zealand.

Its oil is very rich in Omega 3 EFAs like DHA and EPA, and has no toxins like mercury, PCB or heavy metals.

Studies have also shown that hoki oil has more than double the amount of anti-inflammatory effect than normal fish oil.

Unfortunately, cats and dogs can only obtain Omega 3s through their diet, as they’re unable to produce Omega 3s on their own.

Newflands Hoki Fish Oil is flushed with nitrogen to prevent it from going rancid or oxidising, keeping it fresh.

Newflands Hoki Fish Oil

Benefits of Hoki Fish Oil & Omega 3

Due to its high content of Omega 3 fatty acids, hoki fish oil has a variety of health benefits for both cats and dogs.

One pump alone (2ml) has 124mg of EPA, and 210mg of DHA; each dog needs approximately 50mg for every 2kg he weighs.

Hoki fish oil’s benefits include:

  • Improving skin and coat health
  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Reducing cholesterol and unhealthy fats
  • Improving cognitive function
  • Reducing inflammation

  • These benefits enable hoki oil to help with allergies and skin problems, such as dry, itchy skin, hot spots, and rashes.

    Hoki oil also helps improve mobility, joint and heart health, which is especially useful for senior pets, with or without arthritis.

    Benefits of Hoki Fish Oil & Omega 3

    Newflands Hoki Bite Treats

    Hoki Bite Treats are cubes of freeze-dried wild-caught Hoki fish meat that are suitable for both cats and dogs.

    Packed in small, resealable packets, you can bring these high-protein treats anywhere with you and your pup.

    These healthy treats are useful at motivating your pet to learn new tricks and are perfect training rewards.

    Strong in aroma and flavour, they’re also good as meal toppers; simply crumble them into the food to entice picky eaters!

    And if you run out of food, you can use Newflands Hoki Bite Treats as emergency food rations.

    Newflands Hoki Bite Treats