Healthy Dogma Natural Dog Food, Treats & Supplements

Healthy Dogma aims to offer dogs all over the world only the highest quality pet products made from natural ingredients, as they believe that every dog deserves a long, happy and healthy life!

This brand strongly upholds their belief in producing natural dog food, treats & supplements, choosing to make all Healthy Dogma products without any artificial ingredients or chemicals.

Healthy Dogma was founded by Tom and Mary Beth Peters when they created an all-natural dog food recipe, and were determined to help their dog, Rocky, who was diagnosed with cancer.

To their surprise, that recipe helped Rocky live several years beyond his prognosis, & is now the Healthy Dogma’s PetMix dog food recipe, continuing to help dogs with health problems today.

Healthy Dogma has since crafted a wide range of functional dehydrated dog food & supplements to help improve your dog’s immune system, skin & coat, joint and digestive health.

We also have such a vast selection of all-natural Healthy Dogma treats that your dog will be utterly spoilt; his tail will constantly be wagging for a new reward everyday after that first bite!

Healthy Dogma Dog Food

Healthy Dogma Dog Food’s PetMix recipes are a healthy, complete and balanced daily meal made entirely with natural ingredients in a dehydrated formula that is fast & easy to prepare!

Free from chemicals, residues, artificial flavours or colouring, Healthy Dogma Dog Food is beneficial for all dogs but is especially ideal for sensitive dogs to aid in lessening their allergies.

Healthy Dogma Dog Food is a good starting point towards a healthier lifestyle for your dog as their recipes are highly nutritious and packed with fruits, vegetables, vitamins and minerals.

You’ll be pleased to know that you can easily mix Healthy Dogma Petmix Dehydrated Dog Food with any protein source in a pot of water; just stir on low heat until the meat is cooked and serve!

Healthy Dogma Dog Treats

Healthy Dogma Dog Treats are made wholly from all-natural ingredients like bananas & coconut oil, so you won’t have to worry about the contents or feel guilty about over-treating your dog!

Their extensive variety of flavours will ensure that your dog never gets tired of Healthy Dogma Dog Treats; you may even want to stock your pantry full of them so he’ll never be disappointed.

Healthy Dogma Dog Treats come in fun, wholesome flavours like Pumpkin Ginger & Peanut Butter Blueberry, as well as flavours inspired mouth-watering human food like Parmesan Pizza!

Packaged in small easy-to-carry cups and larger value-for-money pouches, Healthy Dogma Dog Treats are perfect for any occasion, whether it be a day out at the park or a dog’s birthday party.

Healthy Dogma Dog Treats has a flavour for every dog; if he likes treats made with meat, he will love flavours like Jamaican Bacon, Hawaiian Chicken and Duck Barkers!

Don’t fret if your dog is allergic to grains - Healthy Dogma Dog Treats are also available in grain-free flavours such as Peanut Butter Barkers, Banana Chips and Coconut Barkers.

Healthy Dogma Dog Supplements

Healthy Dogma Dog Supplements is a comprehensive range of all-natural dietary supplements made with ingredients such as kelp, organic mushrooms and egg shell membrane!

In order to target specific health issues, Healthy Dogma Dog Supplements come in a diverse range of functional formulas such as:

  • Peaceful Pooch - Helps your dog to feel calm during stressful situations.

  • Flee Flee Flee - Aids in naturally controlling & preventing fleas & ticks.

  • Chasing Karma - Helps promote better hip & joint health.

  • Itchin’ for Nirvana - Supports a healthier and glossier skin & coat.

  • K9 Probiotix - Aids in promoting better digestive health.

  • Mobility (Coming Soon) - Helps your dog achieve optimal joint health.

  • Critical Care (Coming Soon) - Aids to boost and strengthen your dog’s immune system.

  • Daily Care (Coming Soon) - Helps optimize your dog’s overall health & immunity.

  • Healthy Dogma Dog Supplements are formulated to help enhance your dog’s health in various areas, and have to be mixed in with your dog’s food daily for optimal results!

    Healthy Dogma Dog Supplements