Cherie Unscented Wood Cat Litter - Good for both your cat and the environment

Chérie cat litter is made from 100% virgin timber (pine), done so while practicing sustainable forest management.

An eco-friendly cat litter consisting of compressed recycled pine wood scraps, Cherie cat litter is naturally biodegradable.

Chérie cat litter is 4 times more absorbent than clay. Higher absorbency makes removing litter box odors easier.

Highly absorbent litter also means you use less litter which translates to spending less and wasting less!

Unscented pine based cat litter causes less health problems or allergies arising for both you and your cat.

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Good for both your cat and the environment!

Mess & Worry Free

The design and overall shape of Chérie cat litter greatly reduces the chance of your cat tracking wet or damp litter around the house.

Damp litter pellets break down into dust form which then falls to the bottom under the fresh litter.

Larger litter pellets also tends to stay in the litter box better by not getting trapped between your cat’s paw pads.

Chérie cat litter does not clump up when wet or damp, helping reduce household messes and stains from tracking.

Mess & Worry Free

No More Odours

Chérie cat litter is a great option to use in enclosed or indoor spaces thanks to its pleasant smelling natural pine scent!

Clay or paper based cat litter tends to absorb and hold moisture, both allowing large wet clumps of litter to remain at the top while emitting strong odors.

Natural pine scented litter helps to overpower the odor of urine that makes up for most of the odors originating from a litter box.

No More Odours

Less Chemicals, Less Problems

Chérie cat litter is made primarily from pine, which is naturally dust free.

This greatly reduces the chances of getting respiratory problems in both humans and cats.

Pine has a naturally pleasant scent, thus no chemicals are added to help make the litter smell better.

Chérie cat litter does not contain chemicals that could potentially cause health problems.

Less Chemicals, Less Problems

Switching To Chérie Cat Litter


  • Pour 2 - 3 cm of Chérie litter into a litter box. Then, pour 3 - 6 cm of your old litter on top.

  • From the second time you change the litter box, use the same amount of Chérie, but less of your old litter.

  • Repeat for another 3 - 5 litter changes, lessening the amount of your old litter each time.

  • Finally, use only Chérie. Your cat should be used to it by now, although some cats may need a little more time.
  • Switching To Chérie Cat Litter