Canine Caviar - The First & Only Alkaline Dog Food

Two decades ago, the man behind Canine Caviar, Jeff Baker, worked as a scientific researcher. He had a Great Dane that had to be taken to the emergency room every time he was bitten by an insect.

While working on an anti-flea formula, Jeff discovered that there was a relation between the insect venom and his dog’s food.

After formulating a special, natural holistic diet for Jeff's dog, he stopped having allergic reactions to insect bites, and grew to become the world’s second longest living Great Dane at the age of 17 years old.

Using One Protein and One Complex Carbohydrate, Canine Caviar was formulated to mimic a dog’s diet in the wild.

  • Alkaline-Based Diet
  • Low Carb & Low Glycemic
  • Free of By-Products, Corn, Gluten, GMO, Potato, Soy, Tapioca & Wheat
  • No Chemical Preservatives like BHA, BHT & Ethoxyquin
  • Made in USA

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    Canine Caviar - The First & Only Alkaline Dog Food

    How Can An Alkaline Diet Benefit My Dog?

    You must be wondering by now, what is an alkaline diet? It is a diet rich in alkaline ingredients, such as alfalfa, flaxseed & kelp, which can all be found in Canine Caviar.

    In the wild, dogs and wolves eat the blood, intestines and spinal fluid of their prey animal. These are have a pH of more than 7, and are hence, alkaline.

    Based on this and other studies, Canine Caviar believes a dog’s diet should naturally be alkaline.

    Studies have shown that an alkaline diet can benefit your dog by:

  • Increasing the oxygen in blood
  • Minimise cell-degeneration
  • Help with digestive issues, diabetes and degenerative diseases

  • These help reduce the chances of your dog developing cancer, kidney and liver problems, as well as allowing your dog’s body to function and self-heal more efficiently and effectively.
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    How Can An Alkaline Diet Benefit My Dog?

    Optimising the Nutrients In Your Dog’s Food

    As mentioned earlier, Canine Caviar’s alkalinity is due to alkaline herbs and vegetables, such as alfalfa, flaxseed & kelp.

    Too much alkaline minerals can cause crystals in your dog’s urine which can result in urinary tract problems.

    Canine Caviar’s unique processing procedure also ensures that the herbs are time released into the stomach.

    This helps your dog produce an optimally-healthy, desired urine alkalinity of pH 7.1 to 7.4.

    Canine Caviar kibble is flash cooked for 6 seconds at 82°C, preserving its nutritional integrity.

    This minimises the “damage” to the protein, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in the kibble, which later allows optimum absorption of nutrients via digestion.

    With one of the highest digestibility rates at 91 - 93%, Canine Caviar has one of the highest metabolised calories.

    Simply put, the higher the metabolised energy, the less kibble your dog has to eat.
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    Optimising the Nutrients In Your Dog’s Food

    Skin Issues & Food Allergies

    All Canine Caviar formulas are hypoallergenic. How so?

    Firstly, Canine Caviar allows easy protein rotation: you can switch from different protein sources at anytime without causing your dog an upset tummy.

    Giving your dog a variety of amino acids helps them maintain a healthy immune system and reduce allergy issues.

    Canine Caviar’s use of limited ingredients also helps lower the risk of food-related allergic reactions.

    These help reduce shedding and other food allergy-related symptoms such as scratching, rashes and hotspots.

    However, if your dog is allergic to grains like rice, take care to feed them grain-free Canine Caviar formulas such as Leaping Spirit (which uses venison, a novel protein) and Open Sky.
    Skin Issues & Food Allergies