Canada Cat Litter - A Litter for All Cats!

Canada Cat Litter is a clumping clay litter made of pure sodium bentonite in Canada.
It comes in 3 variants (unscented, baby powder & lavender).

Special Promotion: Buy 2 Canada Cat Litter 6kg and Get 1 FREE (Save $22)! All variants can be mixed.

What's The Scoop?

Canada Cat Litter is:

Long Lasting - The irregular grain size of Canada Litter absorbs liquids quicker, using less material and lasting longer than others.

Instant & Solid Clumping - Canada Litter clumps and absorbs liquids instantly leaving the rest of the litter clean, perfectly dry and untouched.

Good Odour Control - Canada Litter naturally controls odours. With or without scent, it keeps the pan and home even fresher.

Safe & Natural - Canada Litter has no chemical additive and is not harmful to pets or humans.

High Absorption Capacity - Canada Litter absorption rate is 350%; that is 3.5 times of its weight. That means a mere 6kg is able to absorb 21kg of liquid!
What's The Scoop?

Easy as 1-2-3!

Canada Cat Litter is one of the easiest litters for both you and your cat to use. Simply fill the litter pan with 4 to 5 inches deep of litter, remove & dispose clumps daily, and maintain the level of litter.

Low Dust & Tracking - With less dust, you won't have to constantly be sweeping up after your cat.

Easy To Scoop & Clean - High absorption rate & good clumping makes Canada Litter easy to scoop from your cat’s tray without leaving a mess of broken clumps, or hardened sand stuck to the side of the tray.

Helps Save On Costs & Space - The grain size and high absorbency makes Canada Litter longer lasting, thus helping you save on cat litter in the long run.
Easy as 1-2-3!