Bosch High Premium Plus Dog Food

Bosch High Premium Plus is Bosch’s latest range of highly digestible dog kibble formulated to help with food intolerance and allergies.

  • No GMO Ingredients
  • Single Protein Source
  • Grain Free
  • Made in Germany

    It is not uncommon to see your dog scratching due to food allergies; if excessive, it can result in hot spots, wounds and open sores. Bosch Plus+ has added Glucosamine and Chondrointin to support and speed up healing.

    Bosch High Premium Plus also has zinc chelate to boost your dog’s immunity. This is helpful as allergic reactions are linked to the immune system.

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  • Bosch High Premium Plus

    Bosch High Premium Plus+

    Bosch High Premium Plus+ uses their Metabolic Detoxification Formula to prevent your dog from having an allergic reaction.

    By using single protein sources and a grain-free recipe, Bosch helps you better manage your dog’s food allergies and intolerances. This makes it easier for your dogs to lead an itch-free life.

  • Trout & Potato
  • Turkey & Potato
  • Ostrich & Potato

    Ostrich meat is is a novel protein which is very unlikely to cause an allergic reaction. It is also a nutritious red meat to feed your dog: .
  • Bosch High Premium Plus+

    Bosch High Premium Soft+

    Bosch High Premium Soft+ are semi-moist, soft kibbles that are ideal for dogs who are unable to chew hard food properly or prefer soft foods.

    This is ideal for some senior dogs who may have lost their teeth and young puppies who may find it difficult to chew normal kibble.

  • Farm Duck & Potato - Made with min. 60% fresh duck meat
  • Chicken & Banana - Made with min. 60% fresh chicken meat
  • Roe Deer & Potato
  • Farm Goat & Potato

    If you have a small dog that prefers small kibbles, the Farm Goat & Potato formula is the perfect choice as it comes in mini-sized kibbles.

    If you have a senior dog aged 7 years and above, the Roe Deer & Potato formula is ideal as it is specially formulated for senior dogs and their dietary needs.
  • Bosch High Premium Soft+