Boreal Pet Food

Boreal cat & dog food was created after the founder, Dan Stevenson, saw too many cats and dogs plagued with obesity and poor skin & coat health.

Made in Canada, Boreal pet food uses low GI (glycemic index) sources of carbohydrates such as peas and beans to prevent excessive weight gain.

Boreal pet food also uses Availa-pet, a bio-available (ie. easily absorbed) supplemental package of zinc, iron and manganese.

With Boreal pet food, it can take up to 8 weeks for your cat or dog’s zinc to reach optimal levels and improve their skin and coat condition!

Boreal pet food is recommended for cats and dogs that have trouble managing their weight and/or skin issues.

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Boreal Pet Food

How can Boreal pet food help with obesity?

Boreal pet food’s recipes are inspired by our cats and dogs’ ancestral carnivorous diet and the North American forests they lived in.

Using mainly ingredients sourced from Canada in their dry pet food, Boreal pet food is free of fillers like corn, wheat and potatoes.

Boreal keeps the glycemic index of their pet food low by using healthier, complex carbohydrates like peas and beans.

The complex carbohydrates in Boreal pet food take longer to break down, helping to keep cats & dogs feel full for longer.

Boreal pet food helps prevent cats and dogs from getting obese, and help protect them from diabetes and other obesity-related health problems.

Boreal Pet Food

How can Boreal pet food help with skin & coat?

Boreal pet food is supplemented with Availa-Pet, a special blend of bioavailable zinc, iron and manganese, specially formulated for pets by ZinPro Performance Minerals®.

Zinc and manganese help to improve and maintain skin and coat health, while iron helps with your pet’s growth and body maintenance.

Boreal adds Availa-Pet to all of their pet food as it is the most easily absorbed (and beneficial) mineral supplement by cats and dogs.

Cat and dog owners that feed Boreal pet food to their pets have reported seeing improvements in their pet’s skin condition, coat density and overall health after just a few weeks!

Boreal pet food also provides other benefits through Availa-pet, such as strengthening your pet’s immunity and aiding bone and joint health.

Boreal Pet Food

Which Boreal pet food should I choose?

Boreal pet food is an ideal option for pet owners who prefer to feed their cat or dog kibble; Boreal also offers canned wet food which can be served by itself or as a meal topper.

If you have a dog and prefer to stick to a grain-free diet, you can consider feeding either Boreal Original or Boreal Vital dry dog food.

However if your dog isn’t allergic to grains such as oats and barley, you can choose to feed your dog Boreal Proper dry dog food.

If you have a cat that likes kibble, you can choose between Boreal Proper and Boreal Original (Grain-Free) dry cat food.

All Boreal canned cat and dog food are grain-free and contain at least 94% protein from animal meat sources.

You might also pleased to know that none of the Boreal canned pet food do not contain any added artificial colouring, gums or thickeners.

Boreal Pet Food