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Addiction Pet Food was founded in 2002 by a leading holistic veterinary surgeon & clinical nutritionist with over 20 years’ experience.

After seeing countless cats & dogs with skin and gastrointestinal issues, he set out to research and develop a range of ultra-premium pet food.

He fed his food to his patients, and the results were amazing! Each patient showed significant health improvements in their skin, coat & overall vitality.

They loved it so much, they couldn't get enough of it, hence the name Addiction Pet Food!

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Healthy Food Pets Crave

Awesome Possum Grain Free Cat & Dog Treats

Introducing the world’s first eco-conscious dog treats! Awesome Possum pet treats are made in New Zealand with wild NZ brushtail possum.

These brushtail possum are considered a major agricultural pest as they feed on New Zealand’s natural vegetation.

Found in the millions, they are free of GMOs and have no natural predators, and are thus a clean source of protein for our dogs.

Brushtail possum is the one of the most novel protein sources and is highly recommended for cats & dogs with food allergies.

Awesome Possum cat & dog treats are high in Omega 3 (which is great for their skin & coat), and are 100% grain free.

Awesome Possum Grain Free Cat & Dog Treats

Addiction Dehydrated Dog Food

Addiction Dehydrated Dog Food is gently dried at low temperatures to retain the raw ingredients’ nutrients, providing the benefits of raw food with the convenience of dry food.

Try Perfect Summer Brushtail if you prefer to feed your dog a grain free diet, otherwise New Zealand Forest Delicacies is a good choice.

Only the finest free-range NZ venison goes into Addiction's pet food; reared on lush grasslands, Addiction’s venison is free of artificial hormones & steroids.

Brushtails found in New Zealand feed only on the best berries and foliage. Unlike most farm animals, Brushtails are free for antibiotics and artificial hormones.

Both venison and brushtail meat are novel proteins, and are perfect for dogs that are allergic to common proteins!

Addiction pairs their delicious meats with a generous serving of flavourful, antioxidant and vitamin-rich fruits and veggies like papayas, apples and carrots.

Dehydrated and easily stored, your dog can enjoy Addiction dehydrated dog food dry as a meal topper, or rehydrated as a complete meal (2lb makes 6lb of food)!

Addiction Dehydrated Dog Food

Addiction Grain Free Cat Food

As with all of their pet food, Addiction always uses meat as the first ingredient in their kibble.

Addiction Viva La Venison uses only the finest free-range NZ venison; free of artificial hormones and steroid, it is blended with a mix of antioxidant-rich fruits and veggies.

Venison meat is known to be high in protein, low in fat and cholesterol and most importantly, rich in flavour - because what use is the most nutritionally superior food if your cat won’t eat it?

However, if your cat prefers poultry meat and/or fish, Addiction Duck Royale would be a better choice for her.

Made with a blend of sunkissed cranberries and herbal botanicals, it’s no wonder this newly launched flavour has become popular so quickly!

Both these premium novel protein formulas are not just enhanced with vitamins and minerals, but probiotics too! Suitable for cats of all ages.

Addiction Grain Free Cat Food