Absorb Plus Pet Sheets

Absorb Plus Pet Sheets are perfect for training or assisting aging dogs to relieve themselves indoors. They are one of the few pee pads that has a Floor Lock System (adhesive stick-on tape below); this keeps it in place so you won’t have to worry about accidental messes or damage to your floors and carpets anymore!

Now available in two variants: Antibacterial and Charcoal.

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Why Absorb Plus Pet Sheets?

Absorb Plus Pet Sheets are made of eco-friendly 100% biodegradable surplus materials such as pure wood pulp and bamboo.

Absorb Plus Antibacterial is recommended for dogs with sensitive skin, while Absorb Plus Charcoal is recommended for dogs with a stronger urine odour.

Absorb Plus Charcoal contains activated charcoal & bamboo inside, and has 4 times stronger odor control, allowing it to eliminate urine doors almost immediately and last up to 96 hours.

Absorb Plus Pet Sheets' quick-drying surface is another plus point; the absorbent polymer core turns urine into gel instantly, absorbing liquids in less than 2.5 seconds and preventing tracking.

Most importantly, Absorb Plus Pet Sheets are super absorbent! With 6 layers of protection, Absorb Plus Charcoal Pet Sheets can contain 2 to 8 cups (350cc to 1,400cc) of liquid. Absorb Plus Pet Sheets are also lined with a 100% waterproof polyethylene (PE) base layer, making it leakproof and leaving you worry-free.

Absorb Plus Pet Sheets come in 3 sizes: Small (35 x 45cm, 100pcs), Medium (45 x 60cm, 50pcs) and Large (60 x 90cm, 25pcs), making them suitable for pee pans of all sizes.

Why Absorb Plus Pet Sheets?

Absorb Plus Pet Sheets Reviews

“Mama recently tried a new pee pad and it is awesome! It can retain the smell of the pee for 2 days straight! Mama and me give it thumbs up!” - @mistythemaltipoo

“So I finally tried my first pee pad – AbsorbPlus and its AMAZEBALLS! Its leak proof and controls odor. I do not have to worry about dirtying my paws when I step on a used one at all! Four paws up and goodbye newspaper!” - @cottonthecorgi

"Good absorbent and no odour… Perfect for those who got more than 1 dogs at home and those who got a medium and larger breed dog!!! I tried it out 3 days ago and I’m still using the same piece. My Mummy always get us the 60cm x 90cm Pee Pad because it’s big enough for us and we are able to last few days plus no odour and it is absorbent." - @brownie.teh

"Good news! Mummy, you will not see my paw stain n pees smell all over our house anymore! The NEW Absorb Plus Charcoal Pee Pad has excellent absorption, is leak-proof and also has bamboo and activated charcoal infused for better odor control! Mummy, that's gonna save u some money n time as you will no longer have to change my Pee Pad and wash my pee tray daily." - @trufflethetrouble

Absorb Plus Pet Sheets Reviews