Which Bed is Best?

Which Bed is Best?

Picking the right bed for your beloved pooch can be quite a daunting task, especially since dogs spend a large portion of their time (about 12 hours a day, and sometimes even up to 16 hours!) sleeping. Your dog’s favourite resting place is its source of comfort and satisfaction. And since it can’t speak for itself, it is hence up to you to make the right decision in selecting its bed.

While there are several types of dog beds available on the market, here are a few cushy, practical options that we highly recommend to discerning pet owners according to their canines’ unique needs.

Keeping cool: the elevated dog bed

Coolaroo Elevated Knitted Fabric Pet Bed in Medium Black
Coolaroo Elevated Knitted Fabric Pet Bed in Medium Black

An elevated dog bed comes with plenty of benefits, given the rising temperatures in sunny Singapore. If your dog has a penchant for lounging outdoors, chances are that air from the ground is going to be extremely warm – which is even more of a bother for canines with thick or long coats!

The Coolaroo Elevated Knitted Fabric Pet Bed is made of durable and breathable fabric, ensuring a consistent temperature throughout the cot’s surface so that your dog remains comfortable and cool throughout. It is also mildew, flea and fungus resistant – which is especially useful in Singapore’s humid environment. Another great choice of an elevated dog bed is the Petmate Durabed, which comes with a sturdy 16 gauge steel frame to accommodate even the heaviest of dogs as well as a nylon-covered padded platform for optimum comfort.

Affordable convenience: plastic beds

Practically indestructible and most importantly, affordable – plastic beds are not only extremely easy to clean, but are also extremely versatile. Fill your dog’s plastic bed with its favourite cushions and toys, and your furkid will love you for its ‘home sweet home’. Ferplast’s Siesta Plastic Pet Beds take on a rounded shape with high sides to create a cozy environment for your dog, while allowing for easy access through its low front. It also has special slits at the base to enhance air circulation, and even a chin rest for your pet.

For the high-flyers: mobile pet bed

Sleepypod Original
Sleepypod Original

The award-winning SleepyPod mobile pet bed is probably the first and only of its kind, being a relatively new concept in the market. This ultra-comfortable, travel-friendly bed can be easily turned into a carrier for your dog. It features luggage-grade nylon lined with plush machine-washable polyester – and can be easily strapped to a sturdy mesh top to prevent your dog (or cat) from jumping out. Owners on-the-go will delight in travelling without having to coax their furry friends into a carrier. On the flip side, pets will also enjoy the ride without having the leave the comforts of their own home!

To complement home interiors: stylish dog beds

Both Character Airplane Pilot Pet Bed - Pink
Both Character Airplane Pilot Pet Bed – Pink

Of course, your dog’s interests should come first when purchasing a bed. But that doesn’t mean the look of your home can’t benefit from it! From adorable cartoon characters to airplanes, cars and even helicopters, Both Characters offer soft and snug pet beds that come in adorable, quirky designs for pet owners and cartoon lovers alike. For pet owners looking for a sleeker touch to their contemporary home designs, Kohe Pets has rolled out its very own Luxury Dog Bed inspired by the Bauhaus, available in two different sizes and colours.


Before you go for the flashiest or most extravagant bed while shopping for your dog, do also consider your pet’s size, breed, age, personality and daily activities. Some basic rules of thumb include measuring your dog’s length while it is lying down in order to determine what would be a proper size for it. Do get a broader-based bed for dogs who are more inclined to stretch out as well; dogs that tend to be a bit more timid may appreciate a cozier space with plenty of extra cushions for a sense of security.

Heavier, larger-sized dogs will require thicker, denser cushioning. Also remember to always read the washing instructions first. Some beds cannot be machine-washed and will require manual cleaning. Last but not least, heated dog beds are usually not necessary given our climate, unless your dog is elderly or has special medical conditions.