The Many Ways Dogs Are Like Humans

The Many Ways Dogs Are Like Humans

In many ways, dogs tend to be treated like humans and therefore start behaving like they are. One of the reasons why we love and adore them is that they behave so much like us! Here is a fun article about dogs are like humans in many ways. Enjoy.

Dogs Are Like Human Kids because :

They love balloons

They have wild imaginations…

They are picky eaters.

They are sweet and innocent

and you can dress them up however you want without a fuss!

They get their cheeks pinched alot…

They love playing outside and learning new things.

They get into trouble with their siblings when no one’s watching,

until you catch them squabbling.

also, they hate baths.

Dogs Are Like Human Teenagers Because:

They bug you to get what they want

and they tend to appear alot in selfies.

They start making new friends,

and start to act / look different.

Like our human kids, they grow up faster than we’d like them to,

they meet all sorts of different people,

Other times, we catch them doing things we don’t want them to be doing,

with bad habits being picked up along as they grow.

They are able to fall asleep anywhere,

and you can never find them when you need them.

Dogs Are Like Human Adults Because:

They are affected by their weight,

and tire out easily.

But you know they’ve grown up because they can be comforting,

and provide emotional support when you need it the most…

They stay strong and keep smiling for your sake even though things are tough,

and help look after children,

They also happily impart their wisdom to the next generation…

Ohhh, and they overly enjoy foods (especially the ones they can’t have!)

We hope you’ve enjoyed our little fun article about how dogs are like humans. Let us know if you enjoyed it and see you in the next post!