To sterilise or not to sterilise? That is the question

To sterilise or not to sterilise? That is the question

As pet owners, many of us know that it is a fact that neutering your pet is important. But there are many underlying reasons as to why we need to ensure that spaying or neutering does take place.

First off, we will need to understand what neutering or spaying is. According to Wiki, “ it is the removal of an animal’s reproductive organ, either all of it or a considerably large part.” That being said, the process of neutering is simply to remove part or all of the animals’ reproductive organs. Neutering is generally used to describe the castration of a male dog whereas spaying is used to describe the process in female animals, although neuter is often used on both gender of animals.

While the idea of our pets reproducing and bringing about the miracle of life is amazing, it is important to understand the underlying consequences if in any case, you do let that happen. For example, raising puppies at the very basic is not an easy feat at all, with the hidden costs and the multitude of problems that are almost always bound to happen, not to forget the vaccinations that you need to bring the puppies for.

A few reasons why we should consider sterilisation

  • Spaying helps prevent uterine infections and breast cancer which is often fatal in dogs and cats. Spaying your pet before the first heat greatly decreases the risk of these diseases occurring. 
  • As female dogs menstruate around twice a year, houses with carpets and white floors tend to get stained often because of this. Spaying your pet will greatly increase the hygiene of your and your pets’ surroundings. 
  • Neutered dogs tend to be more well behaved. Their un-neutered counterparts tend to mark their territory with strong smelling urine all over the house, which is quite a problem especially when space is limited. 
  • Sterilisation helps fight the stray over-population. Many dogs are put down every year because of the ever increasing population of stray dogs.

Although these are just some of the reasons why you should sterilise your pet, it is not a must-do. Some home breeders we know, keep their pets exceptionally well and spend a lot of money on the best husbandry for their animals. So think wisely before you think whether you should skip the whole sterilisation process.