The Joys And Advantages Of Adopting A Shelter Dog

The Joys And Advantages Of Adopting A Shelter Dog

All the tails wagging even at the busiest shelters, and the army of animal lovers, diving in to give the dogs a second chance. Your heart melted a little and you started thinking about the gift of new adventures and exploration when you adopt one yourself.

We all know that dogs are man’s best friends. When thinking of getting one, your next decision is whether to adopt a dog from a shelter, or purchase a puppy from a breeder. Here are some reasons why adopting your new best friend will be one of the greatest privileges you’ll ever experience.

1) You save a life

Shelters are where lost and abandoned dogs end up, and those are the dogs that need a family most. Most of them are surrendered not because of their behaviour, but generally due to the issues of their guardians. By offering them a second chance, you save the life of an adopted pet, as well as the one that takes its place in crowded shelters. Now that’s making a difference. It is an act of rescue and a good deed for you, especially the animal you gave a home to.

2) You help fight against puppy mills

Adopt a shelter dog

Most puppies you see at pet stores come from puppy mills – a commercial breeding ground that raises dogs in filthy and cramped conditions, and often in excess. Very little attention is paid to the puppies’ health or upbringing and it is not surprising for cages to be stacked up in columns, with wire flooring that can easily injure their paws and legs.

Furthermore, many responsible breeders would never sell a puppy through a pet store, simply because they want to ensure their puppies are in the hands of a responsible owner. The best way to put an end to puppy mills and unethical breeding practices is to adopt a pet from a shelter.

3) You receive unconditional love

No dog appreciates the love you have to give better than a shelter dog. Many of them may have experienced hardships and heartbreak when they are left behind. But the fact that they’re given a second chance at a good life gives them hope and will fill your heart with immense gratitude and appreciation.

Imagine the incredible spirit that a dog exhibit, so much so that he makes you forget all your cares and woes, and makes you feel warm and fuzzy? The one you saved from the shelter will now see you as their entire world, and because of that, there’s this whole new level of unconditional love and devotion.

4) You save your wallet some stress

We all know that purchasing a breed from a pet store is more expensive than rescuing one from a shelter. All shelters usually spray or vaccinate dogs before sending him home with you. So when you adopt one, you’ll be able to save an immediate trip to the vet for the first round of shots. Plus, you can also get them micro chipped through the shelters. Hence, when you think of all the services that come with the adoption fee, it’s quite a steal!

5) They are more likely to be housetrained

The one thing that all pet owners can never escape when buying a new puppy is the instance where s/he chews on almost everything and pees everywhere in the house. However, shelter dogs would most likely to be house trained because they have already had a home to live in. Even when they are not fully trained, they often recognize simple cues like “sit” and “stay”.

Furthermore, shelters dogs are generally free of behaviour or temperamental problems due to constant interaction with volunteers. Many shelters allow dogs to be taken home and fostered by volunteers if they need more socialization or basic behaviour training. Isn’t that great news, especially to owners who don’t have a lot of experience in training dogs or have much time to devote to house training?

6) Most importantly, they deserve good homes

Give a dog a home

No dogs deserve to end up with the cards stacked against him – especially the ones who were once cherished as a family member. Dogs are our friends, and they deserve a life filled with love and compassion once again.  Go for the defeated and forgotten dogs, the ones who evoke the agony and utter defeat as they lay against the shelter’s wall, because they are the ones who deserve nothing less and they will forever be grateful to you for willing to open your heart to them.

7) You can test drive with a shelter dog

OSCAS Volunteers
Volunteers with passion for rescued dogs at OSCAS

The search for a dog can be as daunting as finding a suitable partner in life -after all, adoption is for a lifetime. To ensure a good fit, your family can start by taking frequent visits to the shelters and spending as much time with the dog as possible to understand the personalities and behaviours better.

Pet stores are not usually in the habit of taking back dogs if you decide that you are not ready to take the leap yet. You can also take a step further by volunteering at shelters to gain some hands-on experience in taking care of a dog and getting familiar with the necessary skills required to have a pet at home. Nothing is more important than getting well acquainted with your pet and understanding its nature and personality well.

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To find out more about adopting a dog or if you want to help out with shelters, please take your time looking through OSCAS’s website. Many shelter dogs survive mainly on the donations and goodwill of volunteers.

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