The Beginner’s Guide to Adoption

The Beginner’s Guide to Adoption

People will often tell you to “adopt, and don’t buy” – and for several good reasons, too. While purchasing a puppy or kitten from the pet store has its fair share of fun, adopting from animal welfare/rescue societies and organisations will certainly contribute to a greater cause.

Why Adopt?

Most dogs and cats which are rescued from the streets, or which end up in shelters, have their own stories of hardship and suffering to tell. They are often the result of irresponsible breeding, or having been abused or neglected by their previous owners. Your decision to adopt will give them a new lease of life and, not to mention, another shot at love and a home. Financially, it is almost certain that adopting will also save you a considerable amount of money as compared to buying a pedigree from the store – which, on the contrary, may range from hundreds of dollars to even thousands, depending on the breed. cute-cat-dog

Beginning the Search

There are plenty of shelters and adoption centres in Singapore, which are home to thousands of formerly stray and abandoned cats and dogs from all walks of life. One way to begin the search for your future lifelong companion would be to trawl through the online profiles of animals that are up for adoption. SPCA Singapore, Action for Singapore Dogs, HOPE Dog Rescue and Pets Channel are just some of the sites that are available for browsing.

Making the Connection

Once any creature up for adoption happens to catch your fancy, it’s time to get in contact with the organisation to visit and meet with your pet pal-to-be to further determine if it is truly ‘the one’. On the other hand, should you like to get a glimpse and feel of these furry critters up close and find out more from the rescuers and cat/dog handlers, adoption drives are often conducted events such as Pet Expo throughout the year.

The Final Step

After meeting with the animal and ascertaining that you are able and willing to provide for it, several shelters and adoption centres will require you to pay an adoption fee that can range from anything between $10 to a few hundred dollars, depending on the establishment. This fee is to cover the rescuer’s or organisation’s costs from previously spaying, neutering and/or vaccinating your pet, and other essential procedures which may or may not have been executed, such as microchipping and licensing.

What to Prepare

Any pet, whether purchased or adopted, should be well prepared for long before you bring it home. If you’ve picked a furry feline, needless to say, the basics such as cat litter and a litter box, scratching post, brushes, cat food, food and water bowls, toys, and a cat carrier are just some of the very few essential supplies you will have to get ready in welcome of your new cat’s arrival.

The same goes for dogs; don’t even think about bringing your canine pal home before you purchase the playpen (in the case of puppies), leash and collar, toys and bones, grooming tools, treats and dog food – preferably what the rescuer or shelter was formerly feeding it.

For both types of pets, proofing your home by meshing your window grills and gates as well as clearing your living space of hazardous and easily ingested objects, are also a must. cute-dog-running-with-stick

Your Friend, for Life

Many animals up for adoption, be it dogs or cats, come from truly heartbreaking backgrounds of abuse, abandonment and trauma that may leave them fearful and untrusting of humans, no matter their age. You might have to put in a little more effort in training and gaining their affection in such cases, but with lots of love and patience from your end, it is infinitely rewarding to watch them blossom into a healthy and happy pets that give you unconditional love and a lifetime of joy.