Singapore Corgi Largest Gathering – SGCorgi Day Out 2017 (2 December 2017)!

Singapore Corgi Largest Gathering – SGCorgi Day Out 2017 (2 December 2017)!

Singapore Corgi Group (SGCorgi) had yet another record-breaking meet with over 100 Singapore Corgi and their pawrents in attendance! Some of you might remember another SGCorgi gathering earlier this year. For those who do not, you can read more about it here.

Held at Tanjong Beach at Sentosa, Singapore Corgi owners from all over Singapore started gathering early in the morning to start off a fun-filled day with food, games and prizes to be won!

The first thing attendees needed to do was proceed to the registration booth to collect their starter packs, goodie bags and Cedele lunches!

kohepets registration booth singapore corgi
People gathering at the registration booth

At the first counter, attendees each received a starter pack consisting of a custom-printed ‘Fluffy Buns Galore! Corgi Day Out 2017’ tote bag and towel, as well as a goodie bag and name tag for each dog. Each person also dropped off a gift-wrapped present for the Christmas gift-exchange event at the end of the party!

singapore corgi gift exchange
Getting a gift exchange number to redeem a present at the end of the party
singapore corgi nametags
People collecting name tags for their Corgis
singapore corgi kohepets goodie bag 2
Don’t forget your goodie bags!

As the morning went on, more people started showing up and Kohepets staff had their hands full with the registration!

singapore corgi kohepets staff 2
Crowd slowly pours in

While some participants waited patiently in line to get registered, others who had someone else to help them queue started having fun at the beach with their Corgis!

singapore corgi kohepets 05
Care for a swim anyone?
singapore corgi kohepets 06
Don’t forget your lifejackets
singapore corgi - corgi swimming
Look at me! I’m swimming

Meanwhile, back at the registration booth…

singapore corgi kohepets pup corgi
Even this Corgi puppy couldn’t wait to get this goodie bags
singapore corgi kohepets pup corgi 2
Hi, nice to meet you. I think my name is “Awww so cute”
singapore corgi puppy waiting
Do I have to wait much longer?

Soon, people were getting settled in. Most of them set up picnic spots with their mats and stools under the trees, while others walked around with their Corgis to mingle and socialise.

singapore corgi photo
Photo opportunity by the beach

People were enjoying themselves, especially with the catered Cedele lunches provided at the second booth. Each lunch box consists of a gourmet sandwich, salad, chopped fruits and a bottle of fresh fruit juice. Dessert (carrot cakes and red velvet cakes) were to be served later!

kohepets staff registration for singapore corgi
Look at all those delicious lunches!
cedele catered lunch singapore corgi
Going in for a closer look
cedele catered lunch singapore corgi sold out
Popular items on the menu were out of stock FAST!

Besides gathering together for this special SGCorgi Christmas event, two Corgis, Tohgi (the groom) and Niu Niu (the bride) also celebrated their special day with the Singapore Corgi group present! Congratulations Tohgi and Niu Niu on your wedding!

singapore corgi bride groom
The Bride & Groom arrive!
bridegroom butts singapore corgi
Couple of fluffy buns
singapore corgi wedding
Taking a picture with the bride & groom
singapore corgi wedding 2
The happy couple

There were also cakes catered for both dogs and humans (separately of course!).

singapore corgi cake cutting
As with most weddings, there were cakes for both humans and dogs!
kohepets crowd cakes singapore corgi
Look at the crowd for the cakes! Must be delicious.

There were also games for the Corgis to participate in. The ‘Temptation Trial’ & ‘Royal Corgi Race’ provided fun for both Corgis and their owners.

singapore corgi temptation race
Explaining the rules
singapore corgi temptation trail 1
Ready. Get Set. GO!
singapore corgi temptation trail 2
It was too tempting…
singapore corgi temptation trail 3
Ok, you’ve eaten enough. Run!
singapore corgi temptation trail 4
I made it, mummy!

The Temptation Trail proved too tempting to many Corgis! Many had a hard time ignoring the tasty Pack ‘N Pride dog treats along the way to the finish line.

As the day drew longer, the warm weather in Singapore proved too hot for some of our furry legged friends. Some had to leave early due to fears of their Corgi’s getting heatstroke, others tried various way to stay cool and continued socialising.

corgi swim 1
Head to the water!
corgi cooling 5
Wait, are those Corgis as well mummy?

Kohepets staff also went around the beach giving Corgi owners and their Corgis samples of the new Wellness Trufood Tasty Pairings and Meal Complements wet dog food! Many of them couldn’t resist and gobbled it up quickly.

Soon, it was time for the gathering to come to an end, but not before giving out some prizes!

Derpy won Best Corgi Momo! Not too long ago, Derpy was having fun splashing around in the water.
The first runner-up for Best Corgi Momo, Koji!
The newlyweds Tohgi and Niu Niu in their wedding wagon.
Yuri won Best Dressed Corgi with her handmade Hawaiian luau girl costume (coconut shells included)!
First runner-up for Best Dressed Corgi, Stella in her adorable cheerleader costume! Go Corgis!
Nuggie won 5th place in the Temptation Trials! Good job!
Bosco won 2nd runner-up for the Temptation Trial!
Miiko won 1st runner-up for the Temptation Trial!
Mei Mei and Miiko, one of the consolation prize winners for the Temptation Trial!
Bosco, one of the consolation prize winners for the Royal Corgi Race!

Here are some of the lucky draw winners!

We hope that everyone from the Singapore Corgi Group  (sgCorgi) enjoyed themselves! See you at the next event!