SGCorgis Biggest Gathering (15 July 2017)!

SGCorgis Biggest Gathering (15 July 2017)!

The air was abuzz with excitement as Corgi owners from all over Singapore met at Sengkang Rooftop Garden for SGCorgis’ BIGGEST Gathering EVER! Kohepets was present that evening to cover the event (as well as to give out some prizes!). If you didn’t make it to the gathering and you love Corgis, here are some of the things you missed!

Many Corgis attending the event were dressed up in hopes of winning the “Best Dressed Dog” award.

The first thing we saw when we stepped out of the lift was the generous buffet spread set out for the Corgi Pawrents. Unfortunately, our photographer was too busy taking pictures of cute Corgis, and forgot to take a picture! It was literally CORGI HEAVEN.

Time for a group photo! Smile for the camera!

The response for this SgCorgis event was overwhelming! With over 80 Corgis attending, it was fluffy butts galore! Corgi lovers from all over Singapore enjoyed an evening of food and fun, and many made new friends.

Winner of the “Best Dressed Dog” contest, Stella the Corgi! Isn’t she just precious?

Kohepets was there to judge the “Best Dressed Dog” & “Best Corgi Butt” contests. The winners were: Stella for “Best Dressed”, Sushi for “Best Corgi Butt” (First place), and Goldey for “Best Corgi Butt” (Runner up)! At the end of the event, Kohepets’ Ursula presented the winners with awesome prize hampers sponsored by by Silversky and Stellar Pets.

Loki from TheStumpyLegs looking handsome as usual!

It was such a delight seeing all the Corgis dressed up in their best clothes and costumes! It was even better seeing Corgis running around, frolicking in the grass, sniffing around and basically just being the fun-loving, cheeky four-legged creatures they naturally are.

Huggable and Loveable, happiness does come in small sizes.

People attending the event were treated to a overflow of the thing they love the most – Corgis! Some of them had the cutest accessories, like this lovable UniCorgi! We’re quite tempted now to get unicorn accessories for #WestieTheIntern, although we’ve a feeling he wouldn’t be too keen…

The most exciting highlights of the day were the two competitions: Resist Temptation Competition, and Corgi Race Competition! Corgis had to run to their owner through a lane lined with Funky Buddie dog treats in the first competition. The second competition involved Corgi owners waiting at the end of the lane for their Corgis to run to them.

Aren’t you a bright little ray of sunshine!

Everywhere we looked, there were smiling Corgis everywhere! With so many friendly fluff-butts, it was impossible not to be happy. There’s just something about a smiling Corgi that never fails to put a smile on our face! 🙂

Skipping around in the latest fashions!

Most of the Corgis were let off their leash to wander around mingle. It was total #CutenessOverload seeing them trot around on their short little legs, wiggling their fluffy little butts! The spacious venue couldn’t have been better for socialising.

“Oh hai there! Do you has treats for me?”

This event wouldn’t have happened without the organiser, Michelle He (the human behind TheStumpyLegs and SgCorgis)! She planned everything from scratch with some help from a few of her friends, so we’d like to say a BIG thank you to Michelle for inviting us! We had so much fun meeting all the Corgis, we’re already looking forward to next year’s event! Here’s hoping there’ll be a hundred corgis. 😀