Raw Dehydrated Pet Food: Top 3 Dog Food in Singapore

Raw Dehydrated Pet Food: Top 3 Dog Food in Singapore

With the emphasis on natural, minimally-processed foods in our pursuit of healthy eating, it comes as no surprise that the pet food market is reflecting this trend. We get the lowdown on three established whole food brands.

  1. Primal Pet Foods

What they offer: Just as their name suggests, Primal gets ‘primitive’ and back to the basics with a raw food philosophy that cats and dogs would consume food as they would in the wild. Raw meats and poultry, fresh bone sources and even organic fruits and vegetables are used in their foods for a balanced diet. Given 5 stars by Dog Food Advisor, they also use human-grade ingredients, with U.S.D.A-inspected whole muscle protein plus food-based vitamins and minerals to enhance your pet’s health.

Suitable for: Sensitive and allergy-prone pets. Owners can enjoy a total peace of mind as there are no wheat, corn or soy ingredients, which are common allergens. Pets with a delicate digestive tract can also rejoice as the whole foods are fully and easily digested, due to less stress being exerted on their bodies.

Star Product: Primal Freeze-dried Formula – coming in nuggets and easily prepared with the addition of water, your pet can enjoy a wholesome raw food meal with maximum convenience. A wide range of poultry and meat flavours are available with lamb, beef, chicken, turkey, sardine, salmon and more to provide essential amino and fatty acids for enhanced skin and coat health, as well as inner health. Meat flavours also included grounded bones to provide an excellent source of calcium.

  1. The Honest Kitchen

What they offer: The Honest Kitchen offers a progressive, ethical stance and are legally allowed to call their food ‘human-grade’ (they even won a lawsuit for it!) With comprable quality to food for humans, products are also dehydrated for optimum freshness, and to retain its original nutritional value.

Suitable for: Adult and senior dogs with certain dietary restrictions. Pet owners who are concerned with ethical food production will also be glad to note that The Honest Kitchen uses non-genetically modified produce, hormone-free meats and organic, fair trade ingredients – all carefully sourced from around the world.

Star Product: The Honest Kitchen Zeal dog food is a grain-free and gluten-free recipe made with wild, line-caught white fish and produce such as sweet potatoes, pumpkin and parsley. Containing Icelandic haddock caught in cold, clean waters for maximum freshness and the preservation of natural antioxidants, your dog can enjoy boosted immunity as well as healthier eyes and heart.

  1. K9 Natural

What they offer: Made with the best ingredients sourced from New Zealand, K9 Natural’s products are designed based on the principles of natural nutrition. Their diets for dogs are made with 90% meat, 5% fruit and vegetables as well as 5% egg and greenlipped mussel to give dogs all the nutrition they need to thrive. Cats will also enjoy the benefits of such evidence-based natural nutrition, with Feline Natural for cats containing almost 100% meat for optimum nutrition.

Suitable for: Dogs and cats at any life stage will enjoy K9 Natural products, with their nutritionally sound and species-appropriate diet. Picky dogs will especially love K9 Natural foods, as their components are an instinctive choice of high protein and low levels of carbohydrates. Also, senior or allergy-prone dogs can look forward to increased energy levels and anti-inflammatory benefits including skin allergies and joint health.

Star Product: K9 Natural Raw Freeze Dried Venison Feast. With venison being a rich source of all ten essential amino acids needed by a dog to survive and build muscle tissue, this is one feast of nutritional goodness indeed. Tripe, another ingredient favoured by dogs, is also included, containing completely-natural digestive enzymes and probiotics for enhancing digestion, and additional ingredients to help your dog achieve a brilliant smile.