Ideas for D.I.Y Cat Toys

Ideas for D.I.Y Cat Toys

If you have ever owned a cat, you know that they will turn almost anything into a toy, from plastic milk rings to a crumpled up piece of paper. You probably have spent a decent amount of money purchasing toys from pet stores to entertain your furry feline, only to find out that they would rather play with the box!

Did you know that you can make some simple Do-It-Yourself toys for your cat? These homemade toys are simple to make and fun for your cat!

Why Your Cat Needs Toys

Playtime is almost as important to your cats as food and water. Cats are naturally curious, they have frequent bursts of energy. It might seem like they sleep a lot of the day away. However, there are many times throughout the day that they need to engage in play to keep themselves entertained.

Here are some other reasons why your cat needs playtime:

  1. It keeps them healthy and active.
  2. It gives them a safe outlet for their energy.
  3. It keeps them mentally stimulated.
  4. It helps satisfy their natural need to hunt.
  5. It gives them a chance to bond with their owners and other household pets.
  6. It gives them a feeling of security.
  7. It diverts their attention away from playing with unsafe objects, knocking things down or clawing your furniture.
  8. It keeps them from being bored.
  9. It can help ease any anxiety issues, such as separation anxiety.
  10. It can help with any behavioural issues such as scratching or biting.

DIY Cat Toys

Here are some of our favourite ideas for homemade cat toys! Keep in mind that some of these require supervision for safety reasons!

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DIY Catnip Yarn Balls

In just a few minutes you can make a yarn ball for your cat out of a Styrofoam ball, some yarn and a bit of catnip that will keep your cat busy and happy for hours! 

First obtain a golf ball-sized styrofoam ball (You can check in places like Artfriend or other neighbourhood stationary shops), a some glue or use a glue gun, and lastly some cat nip.

First coat the styrofoam ball with the dried catnip using a glue gun. Wait till the glue is dry and start rolling the yarn over the catnip-coated styrofoam ball.

Ta-da! Hours of fun entertainment for you and your cat!

DIY Scratch Pad

All you will need for this scratching pad is some masking tape, cardboard boxes and time.

The first thing you need to do is cut the cardboard boxes into long strips – preferably with a width of 6cm – 12cm, depending on how big you’d like the roll to be.

If you have more than one strip, just use masking tape to join the strips of cardboard to make an even longer strip.

The final step is pretty easy, just roll the cardboard strip into – a roll… and your done! Just don’t forget to tape up the ends.

DIY Cardboard Tubes

All you will need to make this cat toy is some toilet paper rolls and an old tissue box.

Simply, cut off the top and bottom off the old tissue box and use a glue gun to insert the toilet paper rolls! Wait for the glue to dry.

Next attach a string through the toilet paper rolls and tie the box to a furniture leg to keep the toy standing upright while your cat is playing with it.

You can hide treats or food in the little card board tubes (preferably dry treats or food) and let your little felines have fun trying to fish the treat out!

Now sit back and watch them have fun!

DIY Cat Tent

Ever wanted to make a simple cat tent for your cat to sleep in? All you need is

  • An old shirt (Medium or Large)
  • A cardboard piece cut into a square (40cm X 40cm)
  • Two clothes wire hangers
  • Masking tape
  • Something to cat the wire hangers / wire cutters

The first step is pulling apart the wire hangers and cutting the top parts off.

Next use the masking tape to tape up the edges of the card box square to reinforce the base. Then bend the cut wire coat hangers to form the frame.

Poke a hole in the four corners to insert the frame.

Take the two coat hanger wires and tape then where they cross each other to form the frame.

Push the wires through the card box base.

and don’t forget to tape up the bent ends!

Now, slip your shirt over the tent frame and use safety pins to pin the loose shirt openings to the base, leaving only the head opening facing the front.

Give your cat a new tent to sleep in!

Catnip Sock

A simple DIY cat toy to make, all you will require is:

  • A pair of old socks (The thicker the better!)
  • Pillow stuffing
  • Catnip
  • Sewing Kit
  • Old newspaper (Cats like the crinkly sounds they make)

To make this simple cat toy, just fill a sock with the pillow stuffings and old newspaper followed by a sprinkle of catnip.

Seal the sock opening by sewing it shut.

Ta-da! A catnip sock toy!

Well, thats all we have for some DIY Cat Toys you can try making at home! Hope you had fun!