Dog Grooming Tips — All You Need To Know For Home Grooming

Dog Grooming Tips — All You Need To Know For Home Grooming

Owning a dog can be an extremely rewarding experience. However, it comes with a great deal of responsibility, of which, most require lots of time and effort. This is especially so for grooming sessions! Therefore, we believe that the later mention dog grooming tips will be beneficial to you!

It is of course great to take their pets to a professional groomer. However, it is also only true to those who live in close proximity to a reputable dog groomer. Additionally, dog owners will also need funds to pay for frequent grooming, in which it does not cost little too!

With the recent global pandemic, groomers have changed their rules regarding procedures in order to adhere by the national health & safety guidelines. A great number of dog owners are now taking it upon themselves — to take full responsibility in grooming their furry four-legged friends!

In this article, we shall share some useful dog grooming tips. The shared information is only the basic fundamental grooming tips that will keep your dog clean & groomed! You can still choose to book an appointment with your professional groomers if you prefer.

Dog Grooming Tips — What should I take note of?

Know Their Personal Limits

Even though you have your dog’s best interest at heart, they may not be able to stand still and remain calm enough for you to groom him properly. 

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To resolve this, it is recommended that you speak to your veterinarian about remedies that can calm them down naturally. Most vets do not charge extra for nail trimming during a standard grooming appointment. However, it is also important to note that some, or a handful do charge a minimal fee for just a quick nail trim.

If you are still planning to groom your pouch yourself, you can ask a trusted friend of yours to assist you with the home grooming process. This is because they are some pets that may require a 2-person grooming ritual. Although you will be doing most of the grooming, you might need a second set of hands, or eyes for trimming your dog’s nails.

Therefore, it is important to not hesitate when you need to enlist help from someone that both you and your dog trust! However, if you do not feel confident about grooming your dog, it is advised to not attempt to do so.

Read here to find out more about dealing with anxiety in dogs.

Find a Suitable Grooming Environment

Looking for a safe and suitable grooming environment is essential before grooming your dog. This can help any possible unfortunate accidents that might happen. There are some things you should take note of:

Firstly, proper lighting is imperative when it comes to pet grooming.

Secondly, you would want to find a quiet and safe area. There should be a non-slip surface so that neither you or your feet will slip.

Thirdly, find a place at an appropriate time to groom your dog. This will ensure little to no disruptions — prevents the possibility of slowing down or ending the grooming process.

Remain Calm and Patient At All Times

Animals can pick up our emotions. Hence, it is important that we, as pet owners are calm during the grooming process. It is important to note that you should not attempt to groom your dog if you are feeling anxious.

It is common for some dogs to get extremely stressed out when getting their nails trimmed. If this is the scenario, wait it out until your dog is relaxed. Trim a few nails each time, it is important to not rush. Furthermore, extreme care should be practised when handling nail clippers, trimmers and scissors.

During the grooming process, take time to give your dog praise as well as extra pets and some treats. The more they view grooming as a positive experience, the easier it will be for both of you!

Establish a Routine

It is always wise to establish a set routine for your dog. Use the same equipment, the same spot, and the same order of steps each time. This way your dog knows what to expect, which will greatly ease their anxiety. Have all of your equipment in place before you start so there will be no unnecessary interruptions while you search for the necessary tools.

Use Proper Grooming Equipment

Using proper grooming equipment is one very important dog grooming tip.

If you choose to groom your pet on your own, do not skimp on the proper grooming tools. You will need the right scissors, nail trimmers, brushes, etc. Proper grooming equipment will work better than the less expensive counterpart. As such, they will also last longer.

It is important to clean and sharpen your equipment after each use, as well as store it properly.

Use the Right Dog Shampoo

There are many types of dog shampoos in the pet market, hence, you want to choose the right one for your dog’s needs. Use these recommended guidelines:

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Moreover, if your pooch has hot spots, dandruff issues, or skin irritations, choose a medicated shampoo that contains hydrocortisone and/or coal tar.


Dematting is one very important dog grooming tip that dog owners should do before starting any grooming process.

Before you start any grooming process, use a dog slicker brush or comb to carefully work through your dogs’ coat while you are rinsing them to detangle any mats and get rid of any excess loose hair. This will help speed up the actual grooming process.

Drying Your Dog Before Grooming

Be sure that your dog is completely dry before you start grooming him. This is because when their fur is wet, it tends to curl up a bit. By drying them thoroughly, it will save you from having clogged clippers.

Choosing the Right Clipper — How to?

It is always best to have more than one set of dog clipper blades. Furthermore, take note that the size of blades for dog clippers differs from human-grade hair clippers. For example, to achieve a shorter cut, you should use numbers 5, 7, 9 or 10 while for a longer cut you should use numbers 8, 3 or 4. For sensitive and hard-to-reach areas, such as private areas, near the eyes, and arm/leg pits, you should use the #10 blade.

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When using the clippers, always go in the flow of the growth of their hair. Make sure that you are holding the back of the blade at an angle, keeping the tip down against the skin. To avoid cutting the skin, pull it taut as you move the trimmer along. This will ensure a safe grooming and smooth, even and natural looking coat!

Dog Grooming Tips for Your Dogs’ Paws and Nails


A pair of dog's paw that has been trimmed.

Before trimming your dogs’ paws or between their paw pads, you should coax your dog into lying on his side. Ensure that he is calm before placing your fingers between his paw pads to separate his toes.

Use a scooping motion to trim the fur at his paws. Be cautious when trimming their paws, you want to be safe and not nick the skin in between their toes.

The above-mentioned will provide you with an easier and safer access to the aforementioned areas.


A dog getting his nails trimmed by his owner using a nail trimmer.

Finding the right trimmers for your dog’s nails might seem like a daunting task. This is due to the many different types of nail clippers available in the pet market. There are clippers that range from scissors, guillotine style clippers to even electric dreamer style clippers. 

However, it is not necessary for you to invest in fancy, yet expensive electronic nail grinders. The sole reason is because most dogs are not a fan of the noise. You want your dogs to be as calm as possible during the trimming process. Hence, stay away from electronic nail grinders if your dogs are easily stressed out!

It is best to start from the least sensitive area — in most cases, that appears to be your dog’s hind legs. To start off, you will need to  gently and firmly hold on to their paw in your hands. At approximately 45 degree angle, quickly cut the end of their nail. It is essential to be careful to not cut too deep so that you do not hurt your dog. As a reference, you should only trim his nail to the small black dot surrounded by white at the center. This is to prevent possible injury or bleeding.

Follow the above mentioned safety and dog grooming tips, your pet should be stress-free! If you still do not feel comfortable bathing them, trimming their nails and clipping their hair, it is best to book an appointment with a professional dog groomer!