Beloved Boy Isaac Lahl’s Dog Figurines Missing

Beloved Boy Isaac Lahl’s Dog Figurines Missing

Everybody remembers the boy who loved Golden Retrievers so much that his dying wish was to pat as many Golden Retrievers as possible at his 13th birthday.

His wish was granted when over a 100 Golden Retrievers attended an event with their owners at the Singapore Botanical Gardens on the 17th September 2016. Answering to a plea posted on the Golden Retriever’s Club Facebook page by Dr Leo Seo Wei, compassionate dog owners were more than happy to accommodate the request.

Issac Lahl
Isaac with his Golden Retriever Figurine given by Dr Leo Seo Wei on 27 OCT PHOTO: DR LEO SEO WEI

Sadly young Isaac passed away on 30th October 2016 after his fight with cancer.

Here is where things get pretty upsetting.

On his grave in Lim Chu Kang Cemetery, sits two small dog figurines placed there by his mother. Despite being glued to the grave initially, the statues had fallen over and were moved to a grassy patch at the grave covered by a tent.

Upon her usual daily visits to Isaac’s grave, his mother discovered that the two dog figurines were missing. Both figurines (one of a Pug, the other of a Golden Retriever) were given to him by Dr Leo’s family and he had held on to them during the final days of his life.

Issac Golden Retriever Facebook
Post On The Golden Retriever Club’s Facebook Page

These two dog figurines hold significant emotional importance to Isaac’s mother and getting a replacement simply will not do. There is a post on the Golden Retriever Club – Singapore Facebook page detailing this incident as well as an appeal for witnesses to come forward with any information that might assist them in getting back the two missing figurines.

We urge our readers to please assist and spread the word about this incident so that someone might be able to come forward and provide helpful information or assistance in returning the two dog figurines that meant so much to Isaac Lahl, his family and their loving supporters. Please share your information to the Golden Retriever Club – Singapore Facebook page.

Please… let’s help set this right…

Featured Image: Peter Ngern