Bark-A-Tree Scavenger Hunt @ Punggol Ranch (15 July 2017)

Bark-A-Tree Scavenger Hunt @ Punggol Ranch (15 July 2017)

On the 15 July 2017, Kohepets went down to Punggol Ranch to attend Singapore’s 1st Bark-A-Tree event!

Everyone was waiting for Kohepets to start our hosted event – The Kohepets Scavenger Hunt! Our team had arrived at Punggol Ranch to hide various prizes all over for both pawrents and furkids to find. After a short briefing, we sent teams out to find their prizes, let’s see how they did.

Bark-a-tree videos
After a short briefing, teams were ready to hunt for prizes

It didn’t take long before people were running all over the ranch eagerly in groups of two to hunt for our Kohe-Prizes! After all, they get to keep whatever they find.

Oh look, I found one!

Despite worries that the weather might take a turn for the worse, excited participants were waiting their turn for a chance to search for prizes.

Bark-a-tree videos
Even Furkids need a little briefing!

A quick explanation and they’re off!

After contestants find a prize, they returned to the starting point to examine what they got as well as for a chance to let their furkids have a rest after running all over the ranch.

I got a prize mummy!

Our staff were spread around to provide a helping hand for those who had trouble spotting some prizes that were a little too well-hidden.

How about giving us a clue?

Bark-A-Tree participants also had a chance to socialise and chat with each other as well as other members of the public that were also there for a stay-cation.

Having a chance to chat.
Bark-A-Tree Family
Look at all the cute doggies!
Bark-A-Tree doggie
Looking real good there!

While some participants searched for their prizes with their furkids by getting down and dirty, others opted to carry out the search with their furkids in style and comfort.

To walk or not to walk?

bark-a-tree tired
I’m tired…

Toys! Gimme toys daddy!

Soon, everyone had returned with a few toys and started to compare and inspect their loot from Kohepets.

Look at our loot! Leashes, toys and treats!

Some dogs even found something more important than toys or treats. They found friends!

Awwww.. Isn’t that sweet?

After everyone had a turn of treasure hunting, we decided that instead of collecting the remaining prizes yet to be found, we would let everyone have a free-for-all hunt. Dogs and their owners alike ran about all over in full numbers, scavenging every inch and corner for a chance to score more loot!

Let’s find all the loot! Crazy free-for-all search!

Bark-a-tree toy
I’m a good boy! Can I have a reward now?

We were glad to see everyone enjoying the event with only 2 prizes remaining unfound in the end. After the activity concluded, participants of Bark-A-Tree mingled with each other to trade and share their various prizes with each other.

We were glad that you and your furkids invited Kohepets to share in that special day, we hope everyone had a good time! Hope to see you all again soon!